Upcoming Choice-As shows!

Hey it’s almost time for the very last Camp A Low Hum, but if yer missing out on going this year you’d be pleased to know both Christchurch and NZ in general get a whole bunch of cool bands on the bill playing side-shows up and down the country.

Kicking off in the next couple of weeks there’s Anthonie Tonnin (aka Tono of The Finanace Company fame) with the super sweet Shenandoah Davis (from the States) playing shows at the Hilltop Tavern tonight (Thursday, Jan 30th), the Wunderbar tomorrow (Friday, January 31st) and the darkroom on Wednesday (Feb 5th), whew!

For the electronically-inclined, Ninjatune whizz Daedelus is playing Dux Live on Wednesday (Feb 5th) too – so how’s that!

Last but not least, punky dudes Bare Grillz – a fantastic trio of upstanding gents from the sprawling urban metropolis of Newcastle, Australia are back after lighting up Camp a couple years back. I LOVE these guys, and can’t wait for their Wednesday (Feb 12th) show at Darkroom with similarly fantastic Auckland indie-rock duo Carb on Carb, and local math-rock-y good tunes lads Coate, and hardcore-y cool rock tracks with shouting kids Winter.

Bare Grillz have got a new album appropriately titled Friends: http://bare-grillz.bandcamp.com/album/friends

And Carb on Carb have a new music video out for their single Eden Terrors: Eden Terrors by Carb on Carb

Carb on Carb w/ Males and Coate

Carb on Carb
Carb on Carb

Carb on Carb are the Auckland-based Indie-pop duo of Nicole Gaffney (Guitar and Vocals) and James Stuteley (Drums) – an outgrowth of former group Mammal Airlines (which also featured Giles Thompson). Friday’s show at the Darkroom featured the group supported by top-notch local emo group Coate and Dunedin trio Males.

Coate have settled in to regular performances at the Darkroom, their intricate songs catching many a keen ear. With front-man Will Roud delivering melodic, driving vocals and exchanging guitar lines with 2nd guitarist Taylor Welsh, the 4-piece are one of the most technically accomplished groups in New Zealand.

2nd group Males are new to Christchurch, the poppy trio wearing their hearts on their sleeves as they flew through a selection of indie-rock numbers. Bassist Sam Valentine caught some flack for his haircut, one particular punter pointing out the young guy’s resemblance to Blur bassist Alex James. Their songs push the low-frequencies to the front, and the trio displayed an infectious enthusiasm throughout their set.

Both Carb on Carb members have been heavily involved in the Auckland all-age music scene – Gaffney’s previously played guitar, synth and sang with popular Auckland teen group Moron Says What?!, whilst Stuteley is partly responsible for Papaiti Records, an independent record label that compiled and released the excellent ‘Pressure to be’ album (distributed in the United States by Calvin Johnson’s legendary K Records). I was impressed by the groups catchy, shuffling songs, noisy guitar and Gaffney’s subdued vocals – they’re well worth tracking down on BandCamp.

See the rest of the photos here.

Also – Carb on Carb played a house-party alongside Christchurch’s Dance Asthmatics and new duo X-Ray Charles the previous night. Photos from that party are here.