Auckland emo with Stefan Thompson (Ex-Migraine And Balance). Jay Dougrey, Christian Humphreys, Ryan Thomas, Stefan Thompson, Jeremy Toy. The band added second vocalist Milon for their 2004 album Say What You Want.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • More Songs [1997 Kafuey]
  • Fast Cars, Slow Guitars [2001 Drug Bust Records]
  • Say What You Want [2004 Shock]



auckland hard-core / skate-punk outfit featuring ben lythberg (drums), mike hall (vox – later of pluto and shayne carters’ crica 2004 dimmer funk-band), rhys williams (gat), dean cameron (bass). balance formed the elevenfiftyseven record label as an effort to raise the profile of auckland hardcore, organising tours and promoting bands at any given opportunity.
picks in bold