10th Anniversary of the B net awards- the nominees

10th Anniversary bNet Award Nominations
2007 bNet NZ Music Awards Finalists have been announced! here is a list of the nomineesrnmake sure to vote at

1. b-net Downbeat/Dub track of 2007
Jefferson Belt Green TermiternJulien Dyne MaddingosrnAdi Dick – I Will Not GornLittle bushman – where we get bo
Unity Pacific – Seven Bells
2. b-net Hip-Hop track of 2007
Tommy Ill Bill CosbyrnSolaa – Chance ft Hollie Smith & USOuljah (Nicolay remix)rnThe Unscene Money Wont Save YournOlmecha Supreme Thieves of SadnessrnCoco Solid crime fighters
3. b-net Pop track of 2007
The Brunettes Her Hairagami SetrnLiam Finn Second ChancernRuby Suns – Sister BrotherrnCoshercott Honeys Were All LionsrnGrayson Gilmour Battery Acid Ballad
4. b-net Rock track of 2007
HDU StupormodelrnCut Off Your Hands Still FondrnSurf City Records of a Flagpole SkaterrnDie! Die! Die! – 155rnGrand Prix – Always Beginning
5. b-net Electronic track of 2007
Pig Out Disco BagrnPoncho San Pedro MofornState of mind DeeperrnBachelorette– Intergalactic SolitudernPitch Black- Rude Mechanicals
6. b-net Best Video of 2007
The Sneaks Im LamernThe Reduction Agents – the PoolrnThe Mint Chicks – Walking off a cliff againrnThe Brunettes Her Hairagami SetrnShocking Pinks– End of the World
7. b-net Best Live Act of 2007
The Mint Chicks
So So Modern
Cobra KhanrnShapeshifterrnDie! Die! Die!
8. b-net Best Cover Design
Liam Finn Ill Be LightningrnPig Out– Club PoemsrnSo So Modern– Friendly FiresrnAge Pryor – Shanks PonyrnEpsilon Blue – Are We There Yet?
9. b-net Best Vocalist
Grayson GilmorernJames MilnernTyra HammondrnHollie SmithrnWarren Maxwell
10. b-net breakthrough artist of 2007
Pig Out
Tiger Tones
Collapsing Cities
Poncho San PedrornWhite Birds & Lemon
11. b-net Radio One Song of the Year
The Tweeks the Harder it GetsrnHaunted Love WerewolfrnVanadis Enter the BluernDavid Kilgour– BBC WorldrnKOTAC Death Destroyer 2500
12. b-net RDU Song of the Year
Confucious & Mysterious D – StingrayrnThe Enright House Darkwave = MC SquaredrnTom Cosm The Sluzziest of FuzzrnPoncho San Pedro Mofo?rnBachelorette Intergalactic Solitude?
13. b-net Radio Active Song of the Year
Little Bushman – Where We Get Bo
So So Modern– SynthgasmrnUrban Tramper – Sunset’s on the Empty CarnivalrnLadyhawke – Back of the VanrnTommy ILL – Sleep & Sound
14. b-net Radio Control Song of the Year
Hoopla – No FearrnB Side Electro Funk Disaster: AdolfrnUs As Robots: Strike a posernCollapse: FluidrnHallucagia: Dark Side of God

15. b-net Most Song of the Year
Billy Reuben and Cursor: Safe as housesrnDuan Kaka: My blue skiesrnDean Humphreys: Better of me
16. b-net bfm Song of the Year
SJD Beautiful HazernLiam Finn Second ChancernThe Brunettes Her Hairagami SetrnThe Sneaks Im LamernCoshercott Honeys Were All Lions
17. The b-net Song of the Year
Liam Finn Second ChancernThe Brunettes Her Hairagami SetrnCoshercott Honeys Were All LionsrnGrayson Gilmour Battery Acid BalladrnDie! Die! Die!– 155
18. The b-net Artist of the Year
Liam Finn
The Brunettes
Cut Off Your HandsrnBachelorette
Little Bushman
19. The b-net album of the Year
The Brunettes Structure & CosmeticsrnSJD Songs From a DictaphonernLiam Finn Ill Be LightningrnLittle Bushman The Onus of SandrnPig Out– club poems


b-net award results are in… [17/12/06]

And the winners are…
Below are the results of the 2006 bNet NZ Music Awards.

01. bNet Downbeat/Dub Track of 2006

  • Kora: Flowrn
  • Sola Rosa: Redeemerrn
  • The Black Seeds: Sometimes Enoughrn
  • Rhombus: Mile Highrn
  • Fat Freddy’s Drop: Ray Rayrn
  • Solaa: Chancern
  • Winner: Korarn

02. bNet Hip-Hop Track of 2006

  • P-Money/PNC: Bombrn
  • Cyphanetic: Blaze ’emrn
  • King Kapisi: Raise Uprn
  • Frontline: Hold ’emrn
  • Opensouls: What Do You Do?rn
  • DJ Shan feat. Con Psy: 24rn
  • Winner: Opensoulsrn

03. bNet Pop Track of 2006

  • Voom: Be Your Boyrn
  • Connan and the Mockasins: Sneaky Sneaky Dog Friendrn
  • The Ruby Suns: There are Birdsrn
  • Samuel Flynn Scott: War Over Waterrn
  • The Phoenix Foundation: Damn The Riverrn
  • The Reduction Agents: Urban Yardrn
  • Winner: The Phoenix Foundationrn

04. bNet Rock Track of 2006

  • HDU: Tunguskarn
  • The Demi Whores: Title is Untitledrn
  • Die! Die! Die!: Shyness Will Get You Nowherern
  • Dimmer: Don’t Even See Mern
  • The Mint Chicks: Welcome to Nowherern
  • Winner: The Mint Chicksrn

05. bNet Electronic Track of 2006

  • State of Mind: Sun Kingrn
  • Minuit: Fujirn
  • James Duncan: Desertgroundrn
  • Concord Dawn: Aces Highrn
  • North Shore Pony Club: Hot Cakesrn
  • Winner: Concord Dawnrn

06. bNet Best Video

  • PNC: Just Roll Viewrn
  • The Demi Whores: Title Is Untitled Viewrn
  • Cobra Khan: Black Box Viewrn
  • North Shore Pony Club: Computer Games Viewrn
  • The Sneaks: Kuzai Heart U Girl Viewrn
  • WINNER The Sneaksrn

07. bNet Best Live Act

  • The Black Seedsrn
  • The Mint Chicksrn
  • Korarn
  • Shapeshifterrn
  • Die! Die! Die!rn
  • Winner: Shapeshifterrn

08. bNet Best Cover Design

  • Opensouls: Kaleidoscope Viewrn
  • The Black Seeds: Into The Dojo Viewrn
  • The Mint Chicks: Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! Viewrn
  • The Bleeders: As Sweet As Sin Viewrn
  • Toy Love: Cuts Viewrn
  • WINNER: The Mint Chicksrn

09. bNet Best Vocalist

  • Hollie Smithrn
  • Tyra Hammondrn
  • Samuel Flynn Scottrn
  • Ladi 6rn
  • James Milne/Lawrence Arabiarn
  • Luke Budarn
  • Winner: Hollie Smithrn

10. bNet Best Producer

  • Bob Frisbee: Rainy Days, Shaft, Conduits of Konsumptionrn
  • James Milne: Lawrence Arabia, Reduction Agentsrn
  • State Of Mind: Sun King, Real McCoy, Paint The Walls Black (tracks)rn
  • Chris, Kody and Ruban Nielson: The Mint Chicksrn
  • Andrew Spraggon, Angus McNaughton: Sola Rosarn
  • Evan Short: Kitsch (Burning Ground)rn
  • Winner: Chris, Kody and Ruban Nielsonrn

11. bNet Breakthrough Artist of 2006

  • So So Mode
  • Lawrence Arabiarn
  • Shaky Handsrn
  • State of Mindrn
  • Bachelorettern
  • Winner: State of Mindrn

12. bNet Song of the Year

  • Opensouls: Turn It Up!rn
  • The Nudie Suits: Bright Lightsrn
  • The Mint Chicks: Welcome To Nowherern
  • Voom: B Your Boyrn
  • Dimmer: Scrapbookrn
  • Shapeshifter: Bring Changern
  • Winner: Shapeshifterrn

13. bNet Artist of the Year

  • The Mint Chicksrn
  • State of Mindrn
  • Fly My Prettiesrn
  • James Milne (Reduction Agents/Lawrence Arabia)rn
  • Dimmerrn
  • Die! Die! Die!rn
  • Winner: The Mint Chicksrn

14. bNet Album of the Year

  • Opensouls: Kaliedoscopern
  • The Mint Chicks: Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!rn
  • Shapeshifter: Soulsticern
  • Dimmer: There My Dearrn
  • The Phoenix Foundation: Pegasusrn
  • Winner: Shapeshifterrn

15. Radio One Song of the Year

  • Winner: Anji Sami

CHART Showcase

The Insurgents and the OLovelys showed off their skills at the Dux de Lux as an extension of CHART‘s ‘Burning Questions’ event. Fairly upbeat for a wednesday night at the Dux with Joe slotting back in as the OLovelys guitarist (just 2 weeks till they head to europe) and the Insurgents going full tilt.

Click here for the Photoset.


Enright House: Scattering the sun like gunshot [Video]

Got sent this by Mark from the Enright House – a new video for their song Scattering the sun like gunshot, with a variety of options in which to check it out:rn

New video: “Scattering the sun like gunshot” [7.14 run-time] – 3rd video release from our debut album, “A Maze and Amazement”
Director: Daniel Batkin Smith (EEP Productions)
Download page: EnrightHouse.Com videos
Direct link to the high-res DivX file on our website: Download Video Link
High-res streaming at Stage 6: Hi-Res Streaming
Low-res streaming at YouTube: YouTube Link


The Sheep Technique 18/6/2008

The Whipping Cats- Dog-Faced BoyrnThe Eastern- My old recordrnRagamuffin Children- How long the DaysrnLiam Finn- LullabyrnFive Car Pile Up- Beatniks WishrnMary Rose Crook and The Renderers- Fall of the EarthrnSuka- Spit Winter Spit
-Ad Break-
The Veils- Calliope!rnThe O’lovely’s – StreetsrnPop Hits City- Hold ItrnTiger Tones- I Love you, But I hate you, But I’m just not surernThe Henderson- The Arcade LifernThis City Sunrise- Thug life BarbiernDie! Die! Die!- 155
-ad Break-
The Mint Chicks- Opium for the PeoplernTeenwolf- CosbyrnDegrees K- John Travolta on my ShoulderrnCollapsing Cities – Elixer AlwaysrnThe Insurgents- Rather Be DeadrnFur Patrol- Art of ConversationrnSleepers Union- Psyliocybin BoyrnOver the Atlantic- I cannot BelievernThe Stereo Bus- Let it FlowrnThe Subliminals- Freedom FormrnMinisnap- In a dream
-ad Break-
The Dukes of Leisure- SciencernHDU- LullrnDermania Lloyd-


The Sheep Technique 31/10/07

The Halloween Show!

  • Toy Love – Bride of Frankenstein
  • Tall Dwarfs – The Brain That Would Not Die
  • The Sneaks – Cindy’s a Zombie Now
  • The Side Effects – Werewolf
  • The Chandeliers – Zombie
    — Ad Break —
  • Whipping Cats – These Murdering Hands
  • The Renderers – Shrunken Heads
  • The Renderers – Ghost of our Vegas Lives
  • Thought Creature – Martians aren’t Green
    — Ad Break —
  • The Chills – Pink Frost
  • The 3D’s – Spooky
  • The Bats – Boogey Man
  • The Brunettes – If you were an Alien
    — Ad Break —
  • Le Mot Cafe – Creatures of the Night
  • The Mint Chicks – Licking Letters
  • Die! Die! Die! – 155
  • Grayson Gilmour – Elmira Vs The Latchkey Kid
  • Frase+Bri – He’s going to Art School
  • Tiger Tones – Be Your Star
    — Ad Break —
  • Distasteradio – Awesome Feelings
  • The Henderson – Harlot
  • Charlie Ash – O Baby
  • Teenwolf – Bloxx War
  • Black Market Art – We’re not Dead
  • Pine – Make way for the King
  • The Ruby Suns – Masai Mara

The Sheep Technique 9/7/2008

The Whipping Cats- Dog Faced BoyrnHumblewagon -ClotheslinernRagamuffin Children- More of MernGasoline Cowboy- Side of the roadrnMilo Hoffman – Helium Love Song

The Fulcrum Kid- Moving to BerlinrnSo So Modern – The untimely demise ofrnThe Brunettes -Loopy Loopy LovernBreaks Co-op – Such the spotrnBlack Market Art- I want to DiernBetchadupa- RainrnGoodshirt- MelobeedarnGood Laika – Tooth and Nail

The Situations -Only Missing YournBear Cat- New Zealand Adopt this PandarnAlec Bathgate-Ebb and FlowrnDark Tower- Baggy Trousers

Disasteradio- FairlightrnThe Enright House- Maze and AmazementrnThe Front Lawn- A Man and a WomanrnMinisnap- March HarernInk!- 12 Ways to Eat Saltcake

The O’Lovelys- ClocksrnThe Tiger Tones- I love you, but I hate you, but I’m just not surernPink Fluffy Islands -I’m not moving to the CountryrnBachelorette- Your Magic AirrnThe Reduction Agents- Waiting for your lovernThe Sneaks- Kuzai heart you girlrnLucid 3- All moments leading to thisrnThe Transistors- Brand new suitrnPop Hits City- Roll Again


The Sheep Technique: 7/11/07

Late Start tonight…
HDU – LullrnGasoline Cowboy – Best Thing
— Ad Break —
The Shrugs – I Don’t Know what I’m DoingrnThe Renderers – UnforgivenrnRagamuffin Children – So Far AwayrnGrayson Gilmour – Cast the Red
— Ad Break —
Teenwolf – Bloxxx WarrnDictaphone Blues – Pale Shade of BluernGolden Axe – Mt. MaxxrnDie! Die! Die! – Blinding
— Ad Break —
Degrees K – John Travolta Over My ShoulderrnRyan McPhun and the Ruby Suns – Sleep in the GardenrnCollapsing Cities – Elixir AlwaysrnGrand Prix – The Way of the RacerrnDisasteradio! – Awesome FeelingsrnTiger Tones – Be Your Star
— Ad Break —
Liam Finn – Gather to the ChapelrnBlack Market Art – Grey Bench BluesrnPine – ComplicatedrnThe Sneaks – Surf Bin Ein AwesomernKing Loser – Surf Lost
— Ad Break —
Toy Love – SqueezernClowndog – Mates with a MarxistrnFive Car Pile Up – Beatniks WishrnDeadly Deaths – Half Time Double SpeedrnMunkykramp – Schoolboy Song


The Sneaks – I’m Lame

Funniest. NZ Video. Ever.

(Well at least since Head Like A Hole)…


out of the compost

kirsty macdonald, robin nathan, karen rush and barry stockley.
picks in bold

  • scapings and peelings ep [1988 ode SODE314]
  • out of the compost ep [1989 ode SODEP318]