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Partyline [30/11/06]

partyline w/ the coolies, psychic frequencies, push/tolerate @ underground bar, auckland [30/11/06]
i was in auckland for a couple of days due to my day job; so thanks to stevie k and the auckland party krew i managed to head down to underground bar (just off queen street) to catch partyline – the latest project of hawnay troof/bratmobile’s alison wolfe… well, sort of…
push/tolerate formed a couple weeks prior just to play the show; and were nervous as hell. kind of endearing, but also a little to fey for my liking this boy/girl 2-piece played mellow, quiet drum-machine enhanced indie-pop.
psychic frequencies are apparently the next coming of cat! cat! cat!; lead by brenda on guitar and playing a noisy, loose, chaotic and just plain cool set. nice joy division cover, too.
the coolies are so fucking good now that i’m pissed they don’t live in christchurch. how could a group this good not be guaranteed a sell-out crowd ever night of the week? with stefan neville sitting behind the drums the group have gone to a whole new level; suddenly their just about the best break-down band in the world, with stefan (who the underground folk out there probably now from his amazing project pumice) rolling around and feeling the music, breaking out incredible rolls and off the cuff drum breaks – gotta be one of my favorite musicians. back that up with the already incredible coolies girls and you’ve got ne hell of a great band.
seemed the crowd had actually come for the coolies though, as headliners partyline strangely saw themselves playing to a departing crowd, pretty weird for an international outfit! alison tried to get the show together, but due to a noise issues it just wouldn’t happen. even i piked a couple songs in…
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