Christchurch Rambling

Our Favourite Stores!

With the big earthquake in February a whole heap of the best Christchurch businesses which were located within the CBD (or not) have become either inaccessible or have even been demolished. My local shops spent two months as a half-demolished pile of rubble; but within a couple of days of being cleared the site is pumping with new building activity – I’ve been making visits to Red Chili Thai food and can’t wait for the T-Bakery to re-open…

Some of Christchurch’s class-leading stores were caught up in the quake – Photo and Video in Merivale narrowly escaped being completed crushed like so many other Merivale stores, but after a substantial clean-up NZ’s absolutely BEST Photo and Camera store is once again trading at their old location.

Both Piko Wholefoods and the Canterbury Cheesemongers weren’t quite so lucky; Piko’s gorgeous historic brick building and the Cheesemongers entire block both torn down post-February. However Piko is now back and going strong just a km or so away though on Stanmore Road in Richmond, and the Canterbury Cheesemongers are now the sole company trading from the Christchurch Arts Center, next to where the Dux de Lux was previously trading on Montreal Street.

Lastly my very favorite store – Canterbury Cycle Trading; was unfortunately demolished after the quake made their historic, high-ceiling premise too dangerous to enter. Keith Guthrie has been trading for over 30 years and had a simply amazing collection of bicycles within the store, a one of a kind in New Zealand as it was the only store south of Taupo that specialized in Cycle Touring, and comfortable, practical bicycles… plus they have a top-notch repair and service team. Word on the street is that they did actually manage to save all the stock and have now relocated to 24 Bath Street; which is just behind the Warehouse South City.

There’s so little information about were some of these stores have gone – so if there’s a favorite store you’d like to mention, please PLEASE comment on this post.