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Early Flying Nun band who’s sole (commercial) release was a split EP with 8 Living Legs that had major production issues (the Australian printing press accidentally dropped the first song! – as documented in Matthew Bannisters’ Positively George Street).

Flak also released a cassette on Paul Lurkers Industrial Tapes home-taping label. The duo of Jansen and Webster (who had previously been in North Shore group The Bombers) moved to Amsterdam and formed If.

Jansen eventually resurfaced in Teeth and Queen Meanie Puss.


  • Dieneke Jansen (Guitar/Vocals, 1983 – 1984)
  • Mark Webster (Bass/Vocals, 1983 – 1984)
  • Larry de Zoete (Drums, 1983 – 1984)


  • Emigration EP (1983 w/ 8 Living Legs, Flying Nun Records, FLEG001)
  • Monitor Cassette (1983, Industrial Tapes, IND006)


Record Labels

Flying Nun

from roger shephard’s formation of the label in 1980 (originally with the pin group’s ambivalence 7″ and the clean’s seminal boodle boodle boodle ep) through to the mid 90s, flying nun totally encapsulated great new zealand pop and rock.
from the first wave of bands (the clean, the chills, sneaky feelings, verlaines etc etc) through to third generation and young upstart bands (the 3D’s, superette, king loser etc etc) the strike rate for the label during this period was as high as any indie label in the world, and produced many a classic release. in fact, with the emergence of low-cost 4-track recording in the early 80s (mostly brought about through chris knox and doug hood’s huge involvement in the local scenes) flying nun recordings soon became known for the dunedin sound – a label that described the lo-fi, jangly aesthetic of their high-light acts.
over the course of the 90s, bands started requiring more assistance with their recordings, as drifts away from their humble beginnings to a more high-fidelity approach meant the simple home-brewed studios of the past were no longer up to scratch. these financial strains led to flying nun expanding their horizons, setting up european and australian bases, and even outsourcing their vinyl pressing plant. essentially, these changes to a more corporate structure brought about the death of the original ‘nun way of operating.
shephard resigned from the head of operations role as the label and the label relocated to auckland, creating a rift between label and their bands. finally they we’re brought-out whole by the festival mushroom group in the early 00s, retaining the flying nun persona mainly as an a and r outlet. releases still trickle out, and they’ve been committed to reissuing classic former releases, but they’ve certainly lost a lot of the spark of their former years.

compilation discography
picks in bold

  • dunedin double 4x ep [1982 DUN1/2]
  • the last rhumba [1983 RUM001] rn
  • tuatara [1985 FN045 / FNE21]
  • outnumbered by sheep [1986 BFM001] rn
  • in love with these times [1990 FN677 / FNE28]
  • freak the sheep vol. 1 [1991 FN189]
  • flying with brashs: a flying nun sampler cassette [1991 FN91/98]
  • roger sings the hits cassette ep [1991 released for the 10th anniversary]
  • flying nun 1981-1991 trading cards [1991]
  • getting older: flying nun 1981-1991 double-lp [1991 FN209]
  • pink flying saucers over the southern alps [1991 FN210]
  • freak the sheep vol. 2 [1992 FN226]
  • flying nun 1993 calender [1992]
  • wild things-wyld kiwi garage 1966-1969 vol. 1 [1992 fn-vlp-wt1]
  • let them eat pavlova [1993 included with les inrockuptibles]
  • shrew’d: a compilation of nz woman’s music [1993 FN270]
  • ain’t nothing but a sampler [1993 fmgnz01 fes 001]
  • ak79: auckland punk [reissue 1993 FN279]
  • beyond the jangle [1993 australian release]
  • abbasolutely [1995 abba tribute compilation FN315]
  • the sound is out there [1995 FN334]
  • 15: flying nun records [1996 FN377]
  • popeye’d [1996 FN395]
  • topless women talk about their lives soundtrack [1997 FN402]
  • 12 hours fast [1997 fnun 1]
  • something for the weekend [1997 fnun 2]
  • god save the clean [1997 the clean tribute album FN409]
  • i’ll make you happy soundtrack [1999 FN425]
  • scarfies soundtrack [1999 FN425]
  • mgd limited edition [2002 FN466]
  • speed of sound [2003 FN479]
  • 31 very short films dvd [2004 FN474]
  • in love with these times / pink flying saucers doulbe-cd reissue [2004 FN485]
  • second season dvd [2004 FN489]
  • where in the world is wendy broccoli? [2005 FN498]

contact details
if available

  • flying nun [official website]
  • smoke cds [preferred distributor]
  • flying nun records a&rrn
  • po box 1170rn
  • aucklandrn
  • new zealand [a&r postal address]

g artists

Alastair Galbraith

an accomplished violinist and a naturally talented song-writer (who cut his teeth in his mid teens with the brilliant but under-recorded the rip), galbraith has quietly gone about producing a number of excellent solo albums through a long, consistant career, and has often featured guests by the likes of shayne carter and david mitchell.
in 1986 a now quickly expanding

g artists


jeremy eades’ garageland (along with andrew gladstone, mark and debbie silvey – who was later replaced by andrew claridge, who eventually made way for dave goodison) were originally billed as new zealand’s answer to pavement, they went on to find some level of success on american shores as the 90s turned into the 2000s, releasing their sophmoric album ‘do what you want’ to an enthusiastic u.s. critical audience, but little in the way of actual sales.
their debut ‘last exit garageland’ was a more manic, fun-filled album, somewhere between key influences the pixies, pavement and the 3ds and enjoyed local success with a handful of singles – ‘come back’, ‘fingerpops’ and the chripy ‘bee lines to heaven’. ‘do what you want’ was a purposeful attempt to intellectualise their sound – and it seemed to work as lead singer and primary song-writer jeremy eade was soon lavished with critical praise for his mature, reflective repproach. their follow-up ‘scorpio rising’ – which has also been released by us independent food chain records didn’t quite make the same ripples though, and they’ve since been a little quiet.
picks in bold

  • comeback special cd ep [1995 flying nun FN335 / FNUS9335]
  • ‘comeback’/’pop cigar’ 7″ single [1995 flying nun FN335]
  • last exit garageland [1996 flying nun FN350]
  • ‘fingerpops’/’something’s got a hold’/’the floribundaimpetigo experience’/’cherry cola vodka’ cd single [1996 flying nun FN358]
  • ‘fingerpops’/’something’s got a hold’ 7″ single [1996 flying nun FN358]
  • ‘beelines to heaven’/’bus stops’/’cut it out’/’us trips’ cd single [1996 flying nun FN367]
  • ‘beelines to heaven’/’bus stops’ 7″ single [1996 flying nun FN367]
  • ‘i’m looking for what i can’t get’/’shouldn’t matter but it does’/’one shot’/’spin’ cd single [1996 flying nun FN388]
  • ‘pop cigar’/’fay ray’/’what will you do?’/’struck’ cd single [1996 flying nun FN392]
  • ‘pop cigar’/’what will you do?’ 7″ single [1996 flying nun FN392]
  • feel alright cd ep [1999 flying nun FN405]
  • the not empty cd ep [1999 flying nun FN422]
  • do what you want [2000 flying nun FN423]
  • scorpio righting [2001 flying nun FN452]
  • gone cd single [2001 flying nun FN453]

awards etc
rianz awards 1997

  • most promising group of the year garagelandrn
p artists

Martin Phillips

Although Martin Phillips can essentially be regarded as the heart and soul of his two-decade old troop the Chills (and the only surviving member of some 20+ line-up changes), Phillips has released material in a solo capacity which he clarified as being a seperate entity from his long-standing band.

2000’s ‘Sketchbook Vol. 1’ was a finely compiled and represented anthology of some of Phillips lost material – as over the years he has taken it upon himself to record several hundred hours of song-fragments that failed to make it to release.

Phillips originally debuted back in the late 70s with the unrecorded The Same – a punky troup who shared the same characteristics of the early Clean, though a little greener-still behind the ears. The Same were born into the same scene that spawned Shayne Carters’ high school gang Bored Games, and were inspired to action by witnessing small-town heros the Clean and (primarily) the Enemy in their formulative stages.
Discography (picks in bold)

  • Sunburnt [1996 As Martin Phillips And The Chills Flying Nun Fn303]

  • ‘Come Home’/’How Much This Place Has Changed’/’Lies, Lies, Lies’/’The Streets Of Forgotten Cool’ Cd Single [1996 As Martin Phillips And The Chills Flying Nun Fn340]

  • ‘Come Home’/’The Streets Of Forgotten Cool’ 7″ Single [1996 As Martin Phillips And The Chills Flying Nun Fn340]

  • ‘Surrounded’/’Friends Again’/’Stupid Way To Go’/’Yabba Dabba Doo’ Cd Single [1996 As Martin Phillips And The Chills Flying Nun Fn365]

  • ‘Surrounded’/’Yabba Dabba Doo’ 7″ Single [1996 As Martin Phillips And The Chills Flying Nun Fn365]

  • Sketch Book Vol. 1 [2000 Flying Nun Fn415]


p artists

Phantom Forth

drum-machine propelled post-punk outfit featuring the brother and sister team of paul and debbie luker, along with lorraine steele on casio-tone keyboard. had an ep on flying nun, along with an appearance on the (brilliant) last rhumba compilation, before paul went on to form his label industrial tapes. he now plays guitar and sings with hip – a 2nd generation band of sorts, out of auckland.
picks in bold

p artists

Pop Art Toasters

a short-lived super-group of sorts featuring martin phillips, david kilgour, noel ward, alan starrett and mike dooley.
picks in bold

p artists

The Pin Group

The birth of Roy Montgomery as a creative force (at least in terms of recorded groups), the Pin Group were a discordant cog that wouldn’t fit in the Christchurch scene of the early 80s. Recording the very first Flying Nun release single, ‘Ambivalence/Columbia’ – an agitating and badly recorded epitome to post-punk heroes Joy Division – with 2 fine songs struggling to make their way through the murk of the ultra-lo-fi recording.

The group originally formed as ‘Compulsory Fun’ with Montgomery on Guitar, Ross Humphries on Vocals, Tony Green on Drums and Dave McKenzie on Bass. When McKenzie departed the group became ‘Murder Strikes Pink’, with Humphries switching to Bass and Paul Champion filling the vacant vocalist slot. Neither of these line-ups lasted particularly long though on the group ‘went in to recess’ when Champion left the group. Montgomery then started collaborating with local Christchurch poet Desmond Brice, with Brice initially playing bass as well as supplying some of the Pin Groups early lyrics – before the classic line-up took shape.

The band were nicknamed Roy Division for their like of dark moody music a la Joy Division. Singer Roy worked in Christchurch’s main record store – EMI, and the shop was notoriously vandalized overnight with the words Roy Division spray-painted across the shop front, apparently not the work of the band and greatly embarrassing Montgomery
– Rob Mayes

Since disbanding in mid 1981, they’ve become more well known for their history than their music, which is a shame as the 3-piece of Montgomery (guitar – later of the Shallows, Dadamah, Dissolve, Torlesse Supergroup), Ross Humphries (bass – Great Unwashed, and a short stint in Bailter Space) and Peter ‘Buck’ Stapleton (drums – Scorched Earth Policy, the Terminals, A Handful of Dust et all) released some truly eclectic, original and most of all harrowing rock. Thankfully the long overdue retrospective released on Siltbreeze in 1998 provides everyone the chance to discover one of New Zealand’s most under-rated bands, and in much more accommodating (and audible) form.

The band presented a pretty gloomy image live with the members dressing predominantly in black, Montgomery playing guitar in black gloves with the fingers cut off. For all that most of their songs are far from gloom laden, being mostly melodic riff based music. The band have the distinction of having the first release on Flying Nun records, a 7″ single with black labels, and a matte black on gloss black cover, no track listings, no band name. Another 7″ followed, then an ep and later on a regroup and another recording. ‘Low Rider’ (a cover of US-group War’s classic single) was taken from a live recording of one of only about 8 performances, this one at the Gladstone
– Rob Mayes

Discography (picks in bold)

  • ‘Ambivalence’/’Columbia’ 7″ Single [1981 FlyingNun FN001]
  • ‘Coat (“Stalking Slowly”)’/’Jim (“Even Though, Scrape Scratch”)’ 7″ Single [1981 Flying Nun FN003]
  • Go To Town 12″ EP [1982 Flying Nun FN1967]
  • Retrospective [1998 Siltbreeze SB-68]


g artists

Ghost Club

david mitchell (formerly of such wonderful bands as the exploding budgies, goblin mix and the 3Ds) originally released an acoustic 7″ single with (fellow 3d member) denise roughan entitled the ghost club back in 1996. soon the pair had relocated to london, effectively dissolving the 3ds (after the brilliant strange news from the angels album in 1997) and they took on the ghost club moniker as their new working title, adding ex-patriot kiwi jim abbot to share bass and drum roles with roughan.

with support from creative nz and excited encouragement from flying nun, the trio recorded this raucous debut album over two days during london

h artists

Headless Chickens

the brain-child of temperamental crazy-guy chris matthews, the headless chickens started out as a children’s hour spin-off band, and took a while before their bizarre, synth-inflected style took hold. members included matthews, johnny pierce, grant fell, michael lawry, bevan sweeney, rupert taylor and anthony nevison.
one of the most popular bands in the country during the mid 90s due to the hit laden body blow and greedyalbums, their body of work various quite markedly from start to finish. songs like ‘cruise control’ and their mammoth hit ‘george’ (which featured one-time vocalist Fiona mcdonald) had big choruses and affectionate instrumentation, whilst previously they had been a dark and quite unusual beast. mcdonald later left the band, leaving matthews to pick up the pieces, but they faded into the background as mcdonald contributed vocals to the strawpeoples eclectic debut.
picks in bold

  • headless chickens 12″ ep [1986 flying nun / mushroom uk FN061 / D19853] rn
  • ‘sour catcha’/’donka’ 7″ single [1988 flying nun FN088]
  • stunt clown
    [1988 flying nun FN100 / FNE24] rn
  • expecting to fly 12″ ep [1988 flying nun FN102]
  • ‘gaskrankinstation’/’crash hot’ 12″ / 7″ / cassette single [1988 flying nun FN131/139/140]
  • body blow
    [1993 flying nun FN206] rn
  • ‘cruise control’ (album mix)/’cruise control’ (eros mix)/’cruise control’ (sob mix)/’i’m talking to you’ 12″ / cd single [1991 flying nun FN207]
  • ‘donde esta la pollo’ (kentucky freud mix)/’donde esta la pollo’ (hen party mix)/’donde esta la pollo’ (cock rock mix)/’cruise control’ (house of harrow mix)/’cruise control’ (karaoke mix) 12″ / cd single [1992 flying nun FN231]
  • ‘juice’/’choppers’/’choppers’ (heli-bator mix)/’play it again, kiri’ cd single [1992 flying nun FN255]
  • ‘mr. moon’/’inside track’ (natty house mix)/’inside track’ (natty instrumental mix)/’attack of the killer androids’ cd single [1993 flying nun FN267]
  • ‘george’/’cruise control’ (eskimos inegypt mix)/’bestiary’/’milton babbit’s rarotongan holiday’ cd single [1994 flying nun FN302]
  • ‘juice’ (ollie j 12″ remix)/’juice’ (ollie j 12″ dub)/’juice’ (original mix) 12″ single [1994 flying nun FN304]
  • ‘magnet’/’smoking big ted’/’monster’/’magnet’ (browning version) cd single [1997 flying nun FN319] rn
  • greedy [1998 flying nun FN320]
  • ‘secondtime virgin’/’stalk of a cherry’ [screaming chickens version]/’dumbhead’/’ce4’/’used to’ cd single [1998 included with greedy flying nun FN408]
  • chickens hits double cd [compilation 2002 flying nun FN467]

awards etc
rianz awards 1991

  • album of the year body blowrn
  • top female vocalist of the year fiona mcdonaldrn

rianz awards 1993

  • single of the year ‘juice’/’choppers’rn
  • top group of the year headless chickensrn
  • top female vocalist of the year fiona mcdonaldrn

rianz awards 1994

  • international achievement headless chickensrn
  • top female vocalist of the year fiona mcdonaldrn