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Ultra-catchy funk-pop-rock outfit that spawned a number of huge singles (‘Sittin’ Inside My Head’, ‘You Gotta Know’, ‘Scorpio Girls’ etc) as well as jump-starting Che Fu‘s career. Over their first 3 years they put out just the one album, but a number of EPs and all those singles gave them an incredibly high profile. However, with Che Fu’s star beginning to rise, problems developed within the group and eventually Che left to persue his (hugely successful) solo career.

The band did soldier on for one more album though, relocating to the U.K. to record Backspacer, which was quite a somber release compared to their early zesty tracks, and failed to excited the buying public. The group decided to go their seperate ways, eventually reuniting in 2003 for the release of a best-of and tenth-year celebrations. Their singles still remain as a snapshot of New Zealand music in the early 90s – hugely accessible and catchy pop with a quirky streaky.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • You Gotta Know Ep [1993 Bmg 149452]
  • Traction [1994 Bmg 218462]
  • Sitting Inside My Head Ep [1994 Bmg 216892]
  • Tractor Ep [1994 Bmg 245452]
  • Backspacer [1996 Bmg]

Awards Etc
Rianz Awards 1994

  • Album Of The Year: Traction
  • Top Group Of The Year: Supergroove
  • Sound Engineer Of The Year: Malcolm Welsford
  • Producer Of The Year: Malcolm Welsfored / Karl Stevens
  • Music Video Of The Year: Can’t Get Enough

Rianz Awards 1995

  • Music Video Of The Year: You Gotta Know

Rianz Awards 1996

  • Producer Of The Year: Malcolm Welsfored / Karl Stevens
  • Music Video Of The Year: If I Had My Way


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Che Fu


Started his life in funk-rock clowns Supergroove, making his voice on a number of great eclectic pop-singles before splitting for his own rap / r’n’b career.

His first solo outing (as DLT’s MC on the meteoric ‘Chains’ single) was a real awakening – it was pretty evident immediately that Che has one of the strongest voices in New Zealand r’n’b, and his subsequent albums have proven the point both creatively and commercially.


  • Che Ness (Vocals, 1998 -)


  • Chains Single (DLT w/ Che Fu, 1996, BMG New Zealand)
  • 2b S.Pacific ‎(1996, BMG, 74321 629922)
  • The Son Single (Dam Native w/ Che Fu 1997, Tangata, TANGD527)
  • Without A Doubt (Dam Native w/ Che Fu 1998, BMG New Zealand, 74321 619982)
  • Scene III Single (1998, BMG New Zealand)
  • Waka Single (1999, BMG New Zealand)
  • Fade Away Single (2001, Epic)
  • Navigator 3 (2001, Epic)
  • Random Single (2001, Epic)
  • Misty Frequencies Single (2002, Epic)
  • Beneath The Radar ‎(2005, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Epic 82876729632)
  • Hi-Score: The Best of Che-Fu ‎(2006, Epic 1526872)


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