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Ballon d-Essai


Christchurch based 5 piece. Released 2 EPs on Flying Nun records (both of which included comic books), and the band recorded a bunch of other material plus a live show at the Hillsborough Tavern and much of this appeared on the Failsafe records release ‘R.I.P.’, another track was also included on the 1984 accident compilation.

Lindsay left the band after the first EP and was replaced by Lyndon Frasier (Lyndon and the Liars). Steven McIntyre went on to join All Fall Down.

The band were relatively entertaining live, doing the art school thing with props and performance. they were interesting for a while in their use of 2 bass guitars and the Peter Hook melody lines from that sort of line up. They eventually started to write more traditional songs and lost the edge they originally had from being completely crap at playing their instruments.

– Rob Mayes Of Failsafe Records


  • Steven McIntyre (Bass/Guitar, 1981 – 1986?)
  • Mark Rastrick (Vocals, 1981 – 1986?)
  • Scott Wilkinson (Drums, 1981 – 1986?)
  • Matt Campbell (Bass, 1981 – 1986?)
  • Lindsay Davis (Guitar, 1981?)
  • Lyndon Frasier (Guitar, 1982? – 1986?)


  • This is the level crossing 12″ EP (1981 Flying Nun Records, FN007)
  • Grow up 12″ EP (1983, Flying Nun Records, FN020)
  • R.I.P. (1986, Failsafe Records, SAFE005)