The Sheep Technique 18/6/2008

The Whipping Cats- Dog-Faced BoyrnThe Eastern- My old recordrnRagamuffin Children- How long the DaysrnLiam Finn- LullabyrnFive Car Pile Up- Beatniks WishrnMary Rose Crook and The Renderers- Fall of the EarthrnSuka- Spit Winter Spit
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The Veils- Calliope!rnThe O’lovely’s – StreetsrnPop Hits City- Hold ItrnTiger Tones- I Love you, But I hate you, But I’m just not surernThe Henderson- The Arcade LifernThis City Sunrise- Thug life BarbiernDie! Die! Die!- 155
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The Mint Chicks- Opium for the PeoplernTeenwolf- CosbyrnDegrees K- John Travolta on my ShoulderrnCollapsing Cities – Elixer AlwaysrnThe Insurgents- Rather Be DeadrnFur Patrol- Art of ConversationrnSleepers Union- Psyliocybin BoyrnOver the Atlantic- I cannot BelievernThe Stereo Bus- Let it FlowrnThe Subliminals- Freedom FormrnMinisnap- In a dream
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The Dukes of Leisure- SciencernHDU- LullrnDermania Lloyd-

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