Sheep Technique [28/05/2008]

  • The Vacants – Long March home (track 5-In transit)
  • Dimmer- Seed (track 3- I Believe you are a star)
  • The Tweeks- Going nowhere(track 3- You can listen too)
  • Betchadupa- drive away (track 3- The 3d EP)
  • The O’Lovelys – Streets (track 5 – Self titled)
  • The Ruby Sun- Maasai mara(track 3- self titled)
  • Garageland- You will never cry again (track 3- Do what you want)
  • The Clean- Anything could happen (track 3 -Topless women talk about their lives)
  • The Brunettes- Vaudeville(track 3 – Boyracer EP)

–ad break—

  • Superette- Saskatchewan (track 5 -Topless women talk about their lives)
  • The Leper Ballet – Hunter S Thompson or How I learned to Stop worrying and love Hallucinogens (track 5- Soft Machine)
  • The Mint Chicks- Walking off the Cliff Again (track 5- Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!)
  • Emerald Green – Wait no more (track 3 – Some New Zealand Music is Shit)
  • Coco Solid- Mars Attax (track 3 – Denim and Leather)
  • The New Originals- And Today (track 5 – Some New Zealand Music is Shit)

–ad break–

    Black Market Art- I Live for Now (track 5- Kids)

  • Onanon- Lammerlaw (track 3 – Licking the Bowl)
  • Childrens Hour – Looking for the Sun (Track 5 -Tuatara)
  • The Eastern – Hard to Remember (track 5 -Get Right EP)

–ad break—

  • Disasteradio- Three Minute Party (tack 5 -Visions)
  • Alec Bathgate- We’re all Babies (track 3 – The indifference velvet void)
  • Josh’s yulia rap
  • Lindon Puffin- Human Enough (track 5 -Show Pony)
  • Ragamuffin Children- Bullets (track 5 -Werecat Lullabies)
  • Harley Williams – Don’t mix your coke with Lemonade (Track 5 -Kamikaze fondue)

–ad Break– (this is where we decided to play other stuff)

  • Conan and the Mockaskins – Naughty Holidays (playlist)
  • Clowndog- Mates with Marxist (The Cantankerous Mainstream)
  • Cut off your Hands – You and I (cut off your hands ep)

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