Sheep Technique [23/01/2008]

2nd Show of the new years; came in a little stuffy after band practice.

  • New Originals – And Today (A Low Hum comp)
  • Terminals – Vertigo (Last Days of the Setting Sun)
  • Tape Man and the Tape Men – Vulcan
  • Substandard – The Reactionary (..Low Electric City Pulses..)
  • The Klap – Cold Hands (Myspace)
  • The Klap – Liars Like Me (Myspace)
  • Hawaii Five-0 – Salem Stranger (Speed of Weed Single)
  • Palace of Wisdom – I Couldn’t Thank You Enough (Unreleased)
  • Stefan Van Soest Hit-Machine – Woman By My Side (Mexican Man) (Here Comes…)
  • The Insurgents – Feeling Put Out (Unreleased)
  • The Vacants – Long March Home (Transit)
  • Lindon Puffin – Subtle Changes (*Show Pony)
  • Palace of Wisdom – Chuff / Pills (*Unreleased)
  • Tony Valens and the Incisions – Rhythm and Blues Motherfucker (Tony Valens and the Incisions)
  • Ho’ Dogs – Testosterone (Oral Tradition)
  • Hollow Grinders – Bradleys Dunny Crouch (Hollow Grinders Single)
  • Die! Die! Die! – Year Nine, Yeah! (Promises, Promises)
  • Tiger Tones – Monday. 8am. Tea. (Tiger Tones EP)
  • The Bats – Horizon (Some NZ Music is Shit Comp)
  • Ryan McPhun and the Ruby Suns – Kenya Dig It (Myspace)
  • The Reduction Agents – Waiting For your Love (The Dance Reduction Agents)
  • Ryan McPhun and the Ruby Suns – Papatuanuku (Myspace)
  • Spacedust – Too Much Action (Kissing in Public)
  • The Brunettes – Too Much Coffee (Daytrotter Sessions)
  • The Axel Grinders – Apparatus of Love (Apparatus of Love Single)
  • Pop Hits City – Tree Tops (Myspace)
  • The Primmers – Your Gonna Get Done (AK79)
  • Dark Tower – Losing the Firms Holdings (*Playlist Request)
  • Bang! Bang! Eche! – Four to the Floor (Myspace)
  • Golden Harvest – I Need Your Love (For Good OST)
  • So So Modern – Future Cities (0002 EP)
  • Shaky Hands – Expectations (Cut Off Your Hands EP)

* Requested Songs

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