RDU Roundup: The second two finalists and the wildcard winner

After two more quarter-finals, a total of three new finalists for the 2007 RDU Roundup have been announced this morning.
They were The Deceivers and The O’Lovelys from the Thursday and Saturday quarter-finals respectively, along with Frankly Mauve who received the wildcard vote and will be the fifth band on the night.
Congratulations to the bands! The grand final is at the Dux de Lux on Saturday the 29th of September and the line-up is as follows:
8:30 – A Flight To Blackoutrn9:05 – Bang! Bang! Eche!rn9:40 – Frankly Mauvern10:15 – The Deceiversrn10:50 – The O’Lovelysrn

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