Inferno 107FM [Dunedin] robbed!

Dunedin indie punk/rock station Inferno has been robbed and is currently not able to have presenters talk on air as a result of what they stole.
Inferno has always been not for profit and supports many local bands get local airtime, as well as helping many people interested in radio get a good grounding in announcing.
Inferno was founded as a full time, Independent station back in 2002. Dismayed with the state of Local radio as well as the lack of exposure that Punk/Rock was getting at the time, a dedicated team built a radio station from scratch. Inferno 107fm is LPFM (low power FM) station

being not for profit means we certainly dont have the cash to replace any equipment that has been nicked, and i know our new owner nora has been completely gutted by the theftrn

Some of the gear that has been stolen is as follows:
-Behringer 20 channel mixing desk,

-two studio micsrn-a very pricey production mic.

so if you hear anything about this kind of gear being sold, or in someone’s house who otherwise wouldn’t have such gearrncontact: rnweblink:

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