b-net award results are in… [17/12/06]

And the winners are…
Below are the results of the 2006 bNet NZ Music Awards.

01. bNet Downbeat/Dub Track of 2006

  • Kora: Flowrn
  • Sola Rosa: Redeemerrn
  • The Black Seeds: Sometimes Enoughrn
  • Rhombus: Mile Highrn
  • Fat Freddy’s Drop: Ray Rayrn
  • Solaa: Chancern
  • Winner: Korarn

02. bNet Hip-Hop Track of 2006

  • P-Money/PNC: Bombrn
  • Cyphanetic: Blaze ’emrn
  • King Kapisi: Raise Uprn
  • Frontline: Hold ’emrn
  • Opensouls: What Do You Do?rn
  • DJ Shan feat. Con Psy: 24rn
  • Winner: Opensoulsrn

03. bNet Pop Track of 2006

  • Voom: Be Your Boyrn
  • Connan and the Mockasins: Sneaky Sneaky Dog Friendrn
  • The Ruby Suns: There are Birdsrn
  • Samuel Flynn Scott: War Over Waterrn
  • The Phoenix Foundation: Damn The Riverrn
  • The Reduction Agents: Urban Yardrn
  • Winner: The Phoenix Foundationrn

04. bNet Rock Track of 2006

  • HDU: Tunguskarn
  • The Demi Whores: Title is Untitledrn
  • Die! Die! Die!: Shyness Will Get You Nowherern
  • Dimmer: Don’t Even See Mern
  • The Mint Chicks: Welcome to Nowherern
  • Winner: The Mint Chicksrn

05. bNet Electronic Track of 2006

  • State of Mind: Sun Kingrn
  • Minuit: Fujirn
  • James Duncan: Desertgroundrn
  • Concord Dawn: Aces Highrn
  • North Shore Pony Club: Hot Cakesrn
  • Winner: Concord Dawnrn

06. bNet Best Video

  • PNC: Just Roll Viewrn
  • The Demi Whores: Title Is Untitled Viewrn
  • Cobra Khan: Black Box Viewrn
  • North Shore Pony Club: Computer Games Viewrn
  • The Sneaks: Kuzai Heart U Girl Viewrn
  • WINNER The Sneaksrn

07. bNet Best Live Act

  • The Black Seedsrn
  • The Mint Chicksrn
  • Korarn
  • Shapeshifterrn
  • Die! Die! Die!rn
  • Winner: Shapeshifterrn

08. bNet Best Cover Design

  • Opensouls: Kaleidoscope Viewrn
  • The Black Seeds: Into The Dojo Viewrn
  • The Mint Chicks: Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! Viewrn
  • The Bleeders: As Sweet As Sin Viewrn
  • Toy Love: Cuts Viewrn
  • WINNER: The Mint Chicksrn

09. bNet Best Vocalist

  • Hollie Smithrn
  • Tyra Hammondrn
  • Samuel Flynn Scottrn
  • Ladi 6rn
  • James Milne/Lawrence Arabiarn
  • Luke Budarn
  • Winner: Hollie Smithrn

10. bNet Best Producer

  • Bob Frisbee: Rainy Days, Shaft, Conduits of Konsumptionrn
  • James Milne: Lawrence Arabia, Reduction Agentsrn
  • State Of Mind: Sun King, Real McCoy, Paint The Walls Black (tracks)rn
  • Chris, Kody and Ruban Nielson: The Mint Chicksrn
  • Andrew Spraggon, Angus McNaughton: Sola Rosarn
  • Evan Short: Kitsch (Burning Ground)rn
  • Winner: Chris, Kody and Ruban Nielsonrn

11. bNet Breakthrough Artist of 2006

  • So So Mode
  • Lawrence Arabiarn
  • Shaky Handsrn
  • State of Mindrn
  • Bachelorettern
  • Winner: State of Mindrn

12. bNet Song of the Year

  • Opensouls: Turn It Up!rn
  • The Nudie Suits: Bright Lightsrn
  • The Mint Chicks: Welcome To Nowherern
  • Voom: B Your Boyrn
  • Dimmer: Scrapbookrn
  • Shapeshifter: Bring Changern
  • Winner: Shapeshifterrn

13. bNet Artist of the Year

  • The Mint Chicksrn
  • State of Mindrn
  • Fly My Prettiesrn
  • James Milne (Reduction Agents/Lawrence Arabia)rn
  • Dimmerrn
  • Die! Die! Die!rn
  • Winner: The Mint Chicksrn

14. bNet Album of the Year

  • Opensouls: Kaliedoscopern
  • The Mint Chicks: Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!rn
  • Shapeshifter: Soulsticern
  • Dimmer: There My Dearrn
  • The Phoenix Foundation: Pegasusrn
  • Winner: Shapeshifterrn

15. Radio One Song of the Year

  • Winner: Anji Sami

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