Christchurch Rambling

The 2nd Christchurch Earthquake

It’s now been 4 days since the Christchurch earthquake, you’ll have to excuse my typing as I’m still without power (or water or sewerage) so I’m posting via my android phone.

During the quake I was working in Lyttelton – Christchurch’s port town and the center of the 6.3, 5km deep quake.

I was a little lost about what to do during the shaking – I watched my co-workers hit the ground so I followed suit, before we pulled out on to the streets.

Turns out the building we were in was falling apart – along with most of Lyttelton. I saw a distraught Oscar looking over his beloved El Santo and avoided the towering, leaning Harbour Light while walking around stunned.

Possibly the only cycle-commuter in Lyttelton, i decided to brave the hills as I still hadn’t made contact with my girlfriend or family. Certain Evan’s pass would be impassable I headed around the bays taking in the views of Cass, Corsair and Pegasus before climbing over the breach.

I encountered gigantic boulders as I made my way towards Sugarloaf but was relieved to leave the port and head down towards the Canterbury plains. First stop was my grandparents in lower cashmere, relieved they were ok, they passed on news that my mum had just been there and she was heading towards my sisters. My next move then was to track down my girlfriend Johanna and then evaluate my house.

I flew across Cashmere, Barrington and Addington, overtaking the gridlocked cars and avoiding great mountains of liquification before reaching her working in Linwood. Appearing that everyone had already left I pedalled quickly across Linwood and headed home…

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