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Earthquake part 2

… luckily all my flatmates, girlfriend and even house are fine (except for liqufication lines running through my section producing a small foundation crack and ruining the vege plot…) – despite this quake having a significantly larger impact than the September quake I’ve come out pretty lucky.

However Avonside is an absolute mess, and it does not appear where going to have to any of the crucial services any time soon. In fact as the days weeny on I have began to feel more isolated on the east side of town.

I’ve witnessed other areas getting their power and even water back and the police and army presence makes it feel like there is action going on, however things are very tricky over this side of town.

Not only do we lack primal facilities, due to the way Avonside and Linwood are framed by the city centres 4 Aves (which have police patrols preventing entry) and river banks (of which most bridges have been destroyed), and the fact that all schools and shops within our suburbs appear to be non-operation, its gotten a little desperate to say the least!

Thankfully things have improved in the last day, mostly due to discovering stanmore road and the supermarket on the other side in richmond being open for business. However I’ve still struggled with the lack of sewerage (its a 2km cycle to Cowle stadium for portaloos), and I’m awaiting power to be returned with baited breath…

Water has thankfully become a lot more plentiful with the opening of a huge amount of artisian wells – although they still require water to be boiled before use.

Its been tricky but I’ve really appreciated the community spirit and comradeship through these tough times. Quick visits to me friends place in St Albans have become a regular thing not only for me but a variety of our friends; indulging in their water, phone charging capabilities and yes TV coverage (odd that the people involved in earthquakes get to see so little of the footage?).

So were soldering on. Over the past 4 days I’ve trudged through 2 feet of water main flooding to visit familiy, I’ve expereinced breadline living and pined for a hot meal, and I’ve delightedly in the simple pleasures like shooting the breeze with my friends under candle light and taking a much needed spung bath… of course there are plenty of trying days ahead…

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