Exercise Machine

christchurch-based off-shoot of the steffan van soest hit-machine, without steffan.
picks in bold

  • the excercise machine ep [self-released]

Evil Priest

auckland 5-piece hardcore outfit formed in 2000 by dean parkin, duncan ‘pepe’ long (guitar – ex dsm), t-dubbs (bass), cashdog (vocals) and george (drums). self-released a brief album called underground hardcore in 2002, described as a mix of bad brains and black sabbath.
picks in bold

  • zombie 7″ single [2001]
  • underground hardcore [2002 jailbait]
  • hardcore gods ii [2003 jailbait]


fielding pop-rock outfit thats made a big splash in australia in 2003-4, touring with other mellow (and somewhat girly) pop-rock bands such as keane and snow patrol. formed by the three hume brothers – jon (vocals/guitar), peter (bass) and dann (drums) and for a time keyboardist peter cobbe, the band first came to prominence after winning the 2000 smokefree rock-quest. the band released a sucession of eps that established them in australia, eventually securing a slot at the u.s. south-by-southwest festival. in 2004 the band released their debut full-length, which seems to have shades of coldplay and snow patrol mixed into a generally slick and mellodramatic pop-mollass.
picks in bold

  • on the way cd ep [2000 self-released]
  • oil and water cd ep [2002 warner 5046636662]
  • my own way cd ep [2003 warner 2565609522]
  • it’s too late cd single [2004 warner]
  • dreaming [2004 warner 5046751482]

Evasive Action

the follow on group from desperate measures (1984-5). the line up change featured the drummer of unauthorised jeff paris, and vocalist harry hepworth on guitar, and vocals for the accident compilation track ‘agony’ inspired by a true christchurch case where a mental patient was kidnapped and tortured by other mentally unstable patients. nasty stuff. desperate measures eric vandenhoven on bass and eugene butcher again on main vocals. the band pooled the musical styles of their 2 source bands to write and play a harder darker punk pop, or a lighter song based hard-core punk, which ever you prefer.
picks in bold

  • no major releasesrn

Eso Steel

aka richard francis – half of small blue torch, a new zealander now living in japan who deals in experimental electronic manipulations.
picks in bold

  • sandpaper cassette [1996 20 city]
  • split lathe-cut 7″ [1996 w/ three 20 city]
  • ‘sect’/’doverider’ split 7″ [1997 w/ birchville cat motel celebrate psi phenomenon]
  • first intermediate period cassette [1997 20 city]
  • ‘nezmet, daughter of zed-khonsu’/’modes in systems’ 7″ lathe-cut [1997 20 city]
  • gallery 1: achernar lathe-cut 10″ ep [1997 20 city]
  • split cassette [1998 w/ birchville cat motel freedom from]
  • gallery 2: formalhuat / gallery 3: beta ceti lathe-cut double-10″ ep [1998 20 city]
  • galleries 1-3 [1999 compilation 20 city]
  • the agents [1999 20 city]
  • ina cd-r [1999 last visible dog LVD013]
  • galleries 4-6 triple 10″ lathe-cut [2000 w/ doe and birchville cat motel 20 city]
  • ‘venusian attitudes’/’resistance is crucial’ 7″ lathe-cut [2000 20 city]
  • the human weapon cd-r [2000 american tapes]
  • snake processions cd-r [2000 20 city]
  • two world walker cassette [2000 white tapes]
  • drone, drop split cd-r [2001 w/ birchville cat motel denshi zatsuon]
  • technologies of sleep lp [2001 20 city]
  • arcana/memories split 8″ [2001 w/ minoru yonemoto 20 city]
  • two ways 7″ [2001 drone records]
  • serene trajectories live cd-r [2002 w/ birchville cat motel celebrate psi phenomenon]



Formed in 2004, Eskimo marks Dave Mulcahy‘s return to the Christchurch music scene, after playing in Superette and solo up north. Playing guitar and singing, Mulcahy is flanked by Rob Mayes (Dolphin, the Failsafe label etc) on bass and Michael Daly (YFC, The Renderers) on drums.

In 2007 Eskimo decided to change their name to Kimo, while working on material for a new release to follow up 2004’s ‘Loverbatim’.


  • Dave Mulcahy (Guitar/Vocals, 2004)
  • Rob Mayes (Bass, 2004)
  • Michael Daly (Drums, 2004)




Ent Lang

by this stage the entlang kids had dropped the last of the quaaludes in the pot: the result: songs so achingly slow they make low look like the power puff girls. what