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Through-out the mid to late 90s there was no debying that a skinny 4-piece from Wellington called Shihad was new zealand’s most popular band. Big guitars, short solos and simple drumming the order of the day, Shihad was built around Jon Toogood’s minute frame, and supported by Phil Knight, Tom Larkin and Karl Kippenberger (one of the few New Zealand bands to retain their original line-up through-out a long career).

A change did come though when Shihad became Pacifier – as their original moniker was thought to be a little too close to comfort for the boys to attack the United States (who were reeling in the wake of September 11th, and ‘Jihad’ was being thrown around a little too regularly). Unfortunately their name wasn’t all that was changing – over the years Shihad’s sound has been streamlined, condensed into an on/off faucet of a-typical ‘rock’, losing much of the raw, punky edge they once possessed (the Derail EP being a stand-out for me) – one might say ‘Pacified’ by their ambition to break american audiences.

In September 2004 Pacifier reverted to their original moniker, finally seeing the error in their ways while preparing their latest album.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Devolve Ep [1991 Pagan Pag1073]
  • Churn [1993 Wildside 30968]
  • Derail Ep [1994 Wildside 11687]
  • You Again Ep [1995 Wildside 11]
  • Kiljoy [1995 Wildside D31340]
  • Gimme Gimme Ep [1995 Wildside 11983]
  • Happy Families Ep [With The Sml And Head Like A Hole 1995 Noise 0258-3]
  • Shihad [1996 Wildside]
  • B-Side Ep [1996 Wildside]
  • ‘Flaming Soul’/’Gates Of Steel’ 7″ Single [1996 9ir] Rn
  • Blue Light Disco Ep [1998 Wildside]
  • The General Electric [1999 Wildside]
  • Pacifier [As Pacifier 2002 Wildside]
  • Live Compilation Double-Lp [As Pacifier 2004 Warners 2564611272]


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