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Root Don Lonie For Cash

Small but quickly expanding cassette, cd-r and lathe-cut 7″ label run by Clayton Noone (aka CJA) and utilized by a fair few nation-wide artists since the mid 90s. Over the course of just a decade the label has accumulated a huge back catelogue of New Zealand underground releases.

Compilation Discography (picks in bold)

  • Yeah of the root cd-r [rdl039]
  • Cia blowup cassette [rdl051]
  • Telly cassette [rdl052]
  • Looking for love/dunedin night life cassette [rdl064]
  • Animals double cd-r [rdl100]
  • Tahi 3″ cd-r [2003 rdl100a]
  • Rua 3″ cd-r [2003 rdl100b]
  • Toru 3″ cd-r [2004 rdl100c]

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