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The Puddle

A revolving line-up of a flying nun outfit – george henderson, lesley paris, norma o’malley, peter gutteridge, ross jackson, lindsay maitland, jenny crooks, rochard cotton, norman dufty and vikki wilkinson.
as george hendersons’ project the puddle are considered as possible [i]the[/i] great under-appretiated new zealand band, most probably hastened by the groups lack of recorded output and the notoriety of henderson himself over the years. thankfully in 2005 the group started to gain moment once more, with henderson again recording material, and the group performing live with more regularity. 2006 saw the release of songs for emily valentine on the powertool distribution label.


picks in bold

  • pop. lib [1986 live recording flying nun FN This 001 / PUD001] rn
  • live in the palm of your hand [live recording 1989 infinite regress IR977]
  • live at the teddy bear club [1991 live recording flying nun FN172]
  • into the moon / pop. lib [1992 flying nun FN164]
  • ‘thursday’/’too hot to be cool’ 7″ single [1993 flying nun FN278]
  • songs for emily valentine [2006 powertool PT047]

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