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Great Unwashed

the kilgour brothers formed the great unwashed during one of the clean‘s many 80s break ups, and decided a different focus was necessary. they ended up performing in a more acoustic approach, with warped little psych-influenced numbers of increasing strangeness.rnafter an ep the band added original clean bass player peter gutteridge and ross humphries (ex-pin group) for a large scale tour of new zealand and another ep. the ep was released in 3 seperate prints, one version being a double 7″ incased in a shower-curtain, that had been painted in a jackson pollock type manner (watch out for this rather rare version, my own copy has suffered badly from the plastic and has an inordinate amount of surface noise).rnpretty soon they had again split, only to reform once more as the clean towards the end of the 80s. a lot of the material from this period was collected on the clean’s oddities 2 compilation, though the great unwashed collection is an essential (and of far greater fidelity) release.


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