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Genie and the Wild Children

[profile thanks to rob mayes]
with their new age hippy name this band were a lot more than met the eye or ear as time would tell. the band consisted of 2 musically prolific writers in guitarist/vocalists david hunt and brett lupton. lupton was fresh from drumming with all fall down and showed an adept talent for sweetly melodic well crafted guitar pop, as did hunt. the band members were all at early stages in their musical careers but the seeds of talent were growing, and genie and the wild children had some pretty good melodic ideas going, if in need of a little pruning. the band originally performed as a 2 guitar led 3 piece, with drummer marcus puentener filling out the rythms in a speed up slow down kind of way. they eventually enlisted bassist mark tyler before disbanding. they recorded 3 tracks before splitting, one of which ended up on the failsafe south compilation. lupton, hunt and tyler went on to form catherine wheel.
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