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CM Ensemble

now defunct christchurch based experimental ensemble based around nick hodgson and a varying array of performers (lynton denovan, peter wright, richard neave, charles horn, matt wood, tom phillpotts etc) in a large amount of styles. they recorded both electric and acoustic (as the cm acoustic ensemble) material, which was then released by hodgsons’ cm productions label, along with wrights’ apoplexy label, and the port chalmers-based metonymic.

the cm ensemble are part of a new generation of new zealand improvisers. they exist in both small and larger group modes, each based around christchurch multi-instrumentalist and bandleader nick hodgson. over the past two years they have gained a well- deserved reputation for the exceptional power and range of their live performances. love central is their debut cd release on metonymic and perfectly encapsulates the different shades in their music from fiery jazz and rock free play to levitational string dronesrn-

picks in bold

  • light and dark structures cd-r [cm productions]
  • last refuge of the insane cd-r [as cm acoustic ensemble 1999? apoplexy apx08]
  • total war: ‘mescaline burst’/’evil dictator’ 7″ lathe-cut [apoplexy apx11]
  • love central [2000 metonymic met010]

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