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Campus A Low Hum 2011: Day 0

Street Chant at Campus
Street Chant at Campus

Ok so Thursday went like this:

  • Nervous energy and frantic organizing till midday day
  • Flying to Wellington, getting lunch and some food for camp
  • Long drive up the Kaptiti Coast through the Horowhenua, into the Manawatu, through Bulls and eventually to Flock House Setting up the tent in near darkness.
Scul Hazzards at Campus
Scul Hazzards at Campus

After all the preliminary stuff was out of the way it was time to check out the not-really scheduled day 0 bands, one of the first being the excellent noisy local brats Street Chant, plus London-based aussie noise-rockers Scul Hazzards.

Didn’t have much of a late night, but I did hear the much-hyped Leno Lovecraft from the tent and he sounded pretty flash.

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