Look Blue Go Purple


Wonderful and thoroughly under-rated all girl group in The Bats mold (though they well deserve recognition in their own right!).

With future Flying Nun stalwart Lesley Paris and co-founder of The 3D’s Denise Roughan, joined by Kathy Bull, Norma O’Malley (who went on to form Chug) and Kath Webster.

Lovely chiming guitars, silly songs and sweet vocals, quality pop all the way, and with a couple of genuine kiwi classics in their catalog, to boot (‘I Don’t Want You Any Way’ and the sublime almost-hit ‘Cactus Cat’).


  • Lesley Paris (Drums, 1983 – 1987)
  • Denise Roughan (Guitar, 1983 – 1987)
  • Kathy Bull (Bass, 1983 – 1987)
  • Norma O’Malley (Keyboards/Flute, 1983 – 1987)
  • Kath Webster (Guitar, 1983 – 1987)


  • Bewitched 12″ EP (1985, Flying Nun, FNLBGP001)
  • LBGEP2 12″ EP (1986, Flying Nun Records, FNLBGP002)
  • LBGPEPs Cassette (1986 Compilation, Flying Nun Records, FNLBGP003)
  • This Is This 12″ EP (1989, Flying Nun Records, FN117)
  • Compilation (Compilation, 1991, Flying Nun Records, FN171)
  • Still Bewitched (Compilation, 2017, Flying Nun Records, FN572CD)



Mixtape Connection + Onanon [01/12/06]

The very last Mixtape Connection @ Capitol bar + Onanon @ the Wunderbar [01/12/06]

So the night i got back from Auckland was a hugely busy night in Christchurch. After picking up a PA from the Jetset and dropping off some posters at the Bats show at Al’s bar, the Mixtape Connection was the destination, a couple hours spent sipping back drinks on RDU’s tab as the Mixtape finished up in a super-fun way.

However the good folk from Dunedin known as Onanon were playing a late show all the way over in Lyttelton at the Wunderbar (missed the Undercurrents), so we had to make the trip. good idea too, great poppy rock with cool songs like ‘Uri Geller’ and some cool stuff from the new EP.

See more photos from this show at flickr


3/4 quarters of the Bats (minus Rob Scott), all under Kaye Woodward’s lead. Creating great pop tunes in the garden city, they’re thoroughly under-appreciated by Christchurch’s notoriously apathetic gig-going crowd. Its a pity as Kaye’s become quite the song-writer in Rob Scott’s absence.
Lately Marcus Winstanley (Barnard’s Star and the Undercurrents) has been joining in as an additional guitarist on some tracks along with helping out on the mixing board. Their follow-up ep March Hare was released mid 2004.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • In My Pocket Ep Ep [2002 Self-Released] Rn

  • March Hare Ep [2004 Self-Released]


Mr. Big Nose

One Of Rob Scott‘S Many One-Off Bands – This Time With The 3ds Dave Saunders, Ken Stewart, Alan Haig And Peter Gutteridge. They Put Out The Various Outtakes Cassette On Scotts’ Own Every Secret Thing Label.

Discography (picks in bold)