Sheep Technique [30/01/2008]

  • Reading The Stones – Ragamuffin Children
  • Walking From The House To The Car And Going Camping The Next Day – Black Market Art
  • Look Out Sos – Ruby Suns
  • Half The Right Size – Lawrence Arabia
  • Hazy Blue- Lindon Puffin
  • –Ad Break–
  • Naughty Holidays – Connan And The Moccasins
  • At One Fell Swoop – So So Mode
  • A.T.T.I.T.U.D – Die! Die! Die!
  • Don’T Turn Me On Just To Turn Me On – Mint Chicks
  • Time Mismanagement – Bang Bang Eche
  • Computer Graphics – Disasteradio
  • Scratchy Sled – The L.E.D.S
  • –Ad Break–
  • Expectations – Cut Off Your Hands
  • Elliot – Little Pictures
  • Blood On The Keys – Grayson Gilmour
  • I Love You But I Hate You – Tiger Tones
  • Ebb And Flow – Alec Bathgate
  • Jolene – Darcy Clay
  • Tooth And Nail – Good Laika
  • Delight – Bic Runga
  • –Ad Break–
  • Smartest Kid – Pine
  • Creatures Of The Night – Le Mot Cafe
  • Treetop Harmonies – Pop Hits City
  • Playing Guitars And Smoking Cigars – The Insurgents
  • –Ad Break–
  • Penny Knife – The Eastern
  • Baby -The Brunettes
  • Hansel And Gretel – This City Sunrise
  • Can’T Get High – The Libra Accord
  • Days Of The Beautifully Strange – Dead Flowers

Sheep Technique [28/11/2007]

Starting with a sequence of songs following the Brian Crook – Peter Stapleton – Mick Elborado – Stephen Cogle – Bill Direen line:

  • Scorched Earth Policy – Sunset on the Loading Zone
  • The Terminals – Last Days of the Sun
  • Bible Black – Hell of a Woman
  • Bill Direen – It Was Good While It Lasted
  • — Ad Break —

2nd section we started moving through pop remixes to a soul, funk, r’n’b and hip-hop sound:<

  • The Bats – Up in the Sky (Jody Lloyd Remix)
  • Bunyip – Routes (Dedication to Sarah)
  • The Undercurrents – Waiting for Justin (Jody Lloyd Remix)
  • John White – Float on a Feather (Jody Lloyd Remix)
  • Brother J – Ruby Rose
  • — Ad Break —
  • Damn Native – Behold My Kool Style
  • DLT feat. Sage and Gravity – I’m Your MC
  • Coco Solid – ABC
  • King Kapisi – Hip-Hop’s Got Me
  • Dark Tower – Get Loose
  • — Ad Break —
  • DLT feat. Che Fu – Chains
  • Beats and Pieces – Worldwide
  • Joint Force – Burntime
  • Herbs – French Letter
  • — Ad Break —

after fading through some reggae flavored stuff, we slid into some pop

  • JPS Experience – Crap Rap
  • Little Pictures – Elliot
  • Bengal Lights – Black Jean Surly
  • Stef Animal – Karl
  • The Brunettes – End of the Runway
  • — Ad Break —
  • Chris Hazlewood – Surf’s Up in Malibu
  • Leper Ballet – I’m Ian
  • Die! Die! Die! – A.T.T.I.T.U.D.
  • Straitjacket Fits – Life in One Chord
  • Shocking Pinks – 7 and 7 is (unreleased Love cover)

Steffan Van Soest Hit-Machine

The Hit-Machine are a quirky 4-piece rock outfit from Christchurch, comprised of four jokey friends with strong ties to the local underground scene of the late 90s and into the 00s. With Steffan Van Soest up-front, the rest of the band is made up of Simon Nunn (Drums), Paul Glubb (Bass) and Matt ‘Hatt’ Bullimore (Guitar) – a solid trio who encompassed the spin-off group the Excercise Machine when without Van Soest.

The group went through major changes with the departure of Glibb and Bullimore for overseas sojourns, Van Soest and Nunn performing then performing under the U.S.S. Hit-Machine moniker as a reduced power-duo (though they have played shows with various other replacement members).

The group are a bit of an enigma in the local scene – they managed to win the RDU (college radio station supported) Round Up band competition, using the funding for a production run on their Here Comes.. album, but otherwise the group has stuck with small cd-r releases. Their albums are full (and i mean full – with very little throw-away filler) of great, catchy and utterly bizarre pop songs, built on huge metal riffs, comical ballads and glorious (and gloriously silly) harmony vocals.

Live the group can vary from a complete triumph (such as 2005’s excellent reunion show at the Dux De Lux) to a complete sham – but they’re always entertaining.

Later in the 2000’s guitarist William Daymond joined the group, and with Nunn now playing gigs professionally, ‘Heavy Metal’ Simon McKenzie became the permanent drummer, although Nunn occasionally plays as a guitarist or bassist, depending on who’s in town – Daymond has also now relocated, joining Glubb in Wellington. A more recent spin-off of the group is Monsta Machine featuring prosthetic wizard Chester ‘Grubby’ Dextar on vocals.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Night Stingers [Self-Released]
  • Here Comes… [Self-Released]
  • Ocean Safari CD-r[Self-Released]
  • Golden Age Of Piracy CD-r [Self-Released]
  • West Up Holmes EP [Self-Released]



Brilliant 90s Christchurch sludge-rock outfit comprised of Brett Lupton, Daryl Kirk and Mike ‘Hiss Explosion‘ Brassell. Released a series of warped, discordant guitar albums, based around Brassell’s excellent guitar-work and an inventive, lo-fi and somewhat sloppy (in a good way) approach to recording songs.

The group was formed by Brassell, Lupton and Original Drummer Hat (who would go on to have an involvement with Flying Nun and is now the station manager for Christchurch’s RDU radio station), with the original line-up recording and releasing a cassette on Pete Mitchell’s Flat City label.

After Hat’s departure in 1993, Darryl Kirk joined the line-up – the line-up that would record the bulk of the bands output. In their last line-up Pete Mitchell became the new drummer, whilst Vaughen Watson (Undercurrents, Pumpkinhead joined as bassist.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Feeding The Cround Cassette [1992 Flat City]
  • Whip Me Honey EP [1994 Failsafe Safe027]
  • Mastermistakemaker [1995 Failsafe Safe028]
  • Spastic Sarcastic [1996 Noseflute]


Tiger Tones

Young, exciting and eclectic Christchurch indie-pop group that emerged during 2006 to dominate the local scene alongside popular screamo act Not So Experimental. Led by talented guitarist/vocalist/keyboardist Mark Holland, the group have a funky, dancy rhythm section in Ashlin Ross (bass and initially a little keyboards and vocals) and Andy Frost (drums). The group soon won the annual RDU Round-Up band competition, sneaking through the semi-finals as a wildcard to take the final.

After their ground-breaking victory the group took a swift turn – with Mark switching to keyboards permanently, guitarist James Grant was brought in in a hurry. Immediately the group took on an even more exciting, groove-orientated sound. Grant quickly became a big piece of their sound as their songs fleshed out and developed. After a period of lessened activity, the group released their debut (self-produced) album on Christchurch’s own Pinacolada records.

In 2010 the group fractured, with Grant leaving the line-up, and the remaining members relocating to Auckland. Tiger Tones gave way to Holland’s new recordings as Fistful of Gems (under the performing alias Mark Wundercastle), which is more electronic than the original group. Ashlin appears on the new groups recordings (singing under the pseudonym Dawn Marble).

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Tiger Tones EP [2007 Self-Released]
  • RDU EP [2008 RDU]
  • Tiger Tones [2008 Pinacolada]



weird 3-piece punk outfit, originally from nelson who relocated to christchurch, won the dux band competition (charming the crowd with such stunts as throwing meat at the audience..), and using the profits to record and release their own debut (2001’s the cantankerous mainstream). the clowndog boys were frontman spanky (guitar, vocals), sherbert (bass), and pants (drums). they ended up becoming regulars on christchurch’s rdu college radio station, even getting their own show before disappearing again in 2002. during their lifetime the band produced 4 (5?) self-released eps, and somehow got away with high profile support slots for breathe and even bic runga!
picks in bold

  • who’s eating the dead fish? ep [1996 self-released]
  • soggy/saggy ep [1998 self-released]
  • mystery meat [2000 self-released]
  • clowndog lathe-cut 10″ ep [self-released]
  • the cantankerous mainstream [2001 self-released]

Mixtape Connection + Onanon [01/12/06]

The very last Mixtape Connection @ Capitol bar + Onanon @ the Wunderbar [01/12/06]

So the night i got back from Auckland was a hugely busy night in Christchurch. After picking up a PA from the Jetset and dropping off some posters at the Bats show at Al’s bar, the Mixtape Connection was the destination, a couple hours spent sipping back drinks on RDU’s tab as the Mixtape finished up in a super-fun way.

However the good folk from Dunedin known as Onanon were playing a late show all the way over in Lyttelton at the Wunderbar (missed the Undercurrents), so we had to make the trip. good idea too, great poppy rock with cool songs like ‘Uri Geller’ and some cool stuff from the new EP.

See more photos from this show at flickr

Minisnap – In My Pocket EP

Self-Released, 2002

Self-releasing seems to be the way to go in New Zealand at the moment.

Minisnap have finally put out their long awaited ‘In My Pocket’ EP, the title track of which has been garnishing RDU playtime for quite a while now. It’s a nice production, 4 original sparkling pop gems (which includes a hidden bonus track) and the obligatory dance remix, produced by fellow Christchurch native Jolyn Mulholland (aka Gasoline Cowboy).

Featuring Kaye Woodward’s distinctively upbeat vocals and guitar and the fine rhythm backing of Paul ‘Superbass’ Kean and Malcolm Grant on the drums. Expect thick grooves, off-kilt rhythms and some lovely flowing guitar, just in time for summer.