Goodshirt, Sleepy Age and RDU Round Up Winners: Ipswich

Sleepy Age at Dux Live
Sleepy Age at Dux Live
Goodshirt at Dux Live
Goodshirt at Dux Live



Ok, a couple of big shows at Dux Live this weekend; firstly Goodshirt returned after what seems like a decade, playing material from their to-be-released comeback EP plus a string of their catchy earlier singles.


Sleepy Age we’re just phenomenal in support, playing in a new line-up with three (sassy) backup singers. Check out the photos here.




Ipswich at Dux Live
Ipswich at Dux Live



The 2nd show was saturdays final of the RDU 2012 Round-Up band competition, won by the talented up-n-coming lads Ipswich.

Only got the chance to see Ipswich, but they were a lot of fun, with the crowd moshing around to ‘Alien vs. Sexual Predator’. Choice. Photos here.


The Sheep Technique: SheepTapeOne
The Sheep Technique: SheepTapeOne
My good friend Eamonn Marra is part of the crew who tookover from me as RDU’s Sheep Technique Host – the kiwi music show on Christchurch’s student radio station. anyway he’s recently put out a mixtape of a few kiwi songs, to complement the excellent radio shows he performs just about every wednesday (at 7pm – 98.5FM).

You can read his write-ups and download it here.

RDU’s Going Private, Assets Sold Off for $2

So apparently RDU has been doing the sneaky and turned itself into a private organization; which is a bit of a shock to those of us who are volunteers and all…


from stuff:

RDU sale upsets students

28 November 2006


Canterbury University’s student radio station has been sold for $1 without the knowledge of its student body.

According to confidential documents and emails given to The Press, the University of Canterbury Students’ Association (UCSA) decided to sell the student station’s RDU brand to newly formed private company RDU 98.5FM Ltd for $1 earlier this month. Its office and equipment have also been sold to the company for $1, while its frequency will be sub-licensed.

The decision has not yet been made public and was made behind closed doors in a secret ballot.

The new operators, who The Press understands include people involved with the current station, will take over the day-to-day running, from February 1 next year.

Confidential documents on the sale have been circulated around the university campus and many students are angry they were left out of the decision-making process.

UCSA executive board member Dan Bason resigned from the board two days after the decision because he felt students should have been consulted on the sale. “It’s a student-owned radio station and the students are getting no say in its future. Everything’s been done behind closed doors,” Bason said.

“Most of the people I’ve talked to sort of are quite disappointed with it. They see RDU as part of the student culture and part of the student persona and the fact that its fate’s been decided without their consultation

Round Up Grand Final 2009

The Klap take it out! Excellent result and a tight fought contest with pre-show favorites the Klap victories in RDU’s annual (10th anniversary) band competition at the Dux de Lux. Tiny Paper Daggers were a close 2nd I reckon – the strength of their song ‘Unicorn’ just about taking it, but I think the Klap were a great choice. Runners up were blues showman’s Denmark Street, The Bizarre new Dave Mulcahy project Sexy Animals, and thebigcity favorites Jimmy Zoom and the Beytown Grifters.

Click here for the photoset.

Round-Up; 2nd Semi-Final

A few photos from this weeks 2nd round-up semi-final. Those Tiny Paper Daggers guys are totally a band to look out for; taking the semi quite easily I reckon. Catchy downbeat electro pop.

Click here for the photoset.

Sheep Technique [20/02/2008]

Came In A Little Early And Got To Play Some Non-Kiwi Songs As A Warm-Up… Then:

  • The Vacants – Iris
  • Loves Ugly Children – Suck
  • Die! Die! Die! – Ashtray Astray
  • Palace Of Wisdom – Found And Lost
  • The Girls From 62 – A Fix On You
  • Mint Chicks – Blue Team Go
  • — Ad Break —
  • Children’S Hour – Caroline’S Dream
  • Shayne Carter And Peter Jeffries – Knocked Out Or Thereabouts
  • Wreck Small Speakers – Suprise
  • Surfing Ussr – Another Glass Of Wine
  • King Loser – Stairway To Heaven
  • Dellburgoes – Get Started
  • — Ad Break —
  • The Bats – Smoking Her Wings
  • Stefan Van Soest Hit-Machine – Electric Mormons
  • Lawrence Arabia – Business Planning
  • Front Lawn – Beautiful Things
  • Prime Movers – Hard To Bear
  • — Ad Break –Minisnap – Crooked Mile
  • Minisnap – Big Blue Sky
  • Onanon – Fluffy White Clouds
  • Cloudboy – Baby You Set Me On Fire
  • Bear Cat – Bw Hair
  • Peneloping – Say Hi To Your Mom
  • — Ad Break —
  • Teacups – Lily’S Eyes
  • Gasoline Cowboys – Pass The Phone
  • The O’Lovelys – Oh No
  • Surf City – Headin’ Inside
  • Cut Off Your Hands – On Blue
  • Grayson Gilmour – Streetlight Silhouettes
  • — Ad Break —
  • Tiger Tones – 17
  • The Clean – Anything Could Happen
  • The Tokey Tones – The Beach
  • David Kilgour – Bbc World
  • The Brunettes – Boy Racer

Sheep Technique [29/11/06]

This Weeks Setlist On My Kiwi Music Show Included:

  • Cloudboy – Red Rubicon [Down At The End Of The Garden 1998]
  • Scorched Earth Policy – Sunset On The Loading Zone [Keep Away From The Wires 1984]
  • Leather Apron [Dave Mitchell] – Down River [Leather Apron Ep 2006]
  • Dialtones – Only Shadows [2004]
  • Bill Direen And Friends – Always Be Round [Drill Comp 2006]


  • Roy Montgomery – Sister Clean [Winter Songs 1995]

–Ad Break–

  • The Clean – End Of My Dream [Anthology 2005]
  • Onanon – Uri Geller [Quarterpack 2002]
  • The Livids – Whawhitu [High Heeled Ep 2006]
  • Steffan Van Soest Hit-Machine – Boat [Ocean Safari 2001?]

–Ad Break–

  • Yfc – Emporers Clothes [Between Two Thieves 1984]
  • The Weeds – Weatfields [Weatfields Single 1982]
  • Peter Jeffries – Ghost Writer [Closed Circuit 2001]
  • The Bilders – Girl At Night [Split Seconds 1984]

–Ad Break–

  • Dali Depressed – Claudine [Songs From The Lowlands 1983]
  • The Bats – Mastery [Law Of Things 1989]
  • Wreck Small Speakers – All Of This [River Falling Love Ep 1983]
  • Sandra Bell – City Of Sorrow [City Of Sorrows 1997]

–Ad Break–

  • The Avengers – Waterpipe [No. 8 Wire Compilation 1967]
  • Bachelorette – In The Earth New Absence [Isolation Loops 2006]
  • A Million Lights – Error 404 [Side One Ep 2005]
  • Greg Malcolm – Swimming In It [Swimming In It 2006]
  • Leila Adu – Answerphone [Answerphone Single [2006]

Sheep Technique [22/10/2008]

  • Sleepers Union – Giant Spheres
  • Grayson Gilmour – Elmira Vs. The Latchkey Kid
  • Dudley Benson – Audrey H
  • Ragamuffin Children – Lullaby
  • Dermania Lloyd – Over Again, Pull Me In
  • Ride On Estrada – She Dreams Of Trailer Parks
  • Flip Grater – Everyone Elses Busy Mess
  • Age Pryor – The Condition
  • The Undercurrents – Go To Sleep
  • The Shocking Pinks – Girl On The Northernline
  • Marineville – Angry Blues
  • The Enright House – Scattering The Sun Like Gunshot
  • Jakob – Lonesome
  • The Renderers – Dimmer Waters
  • Pine – Sugar
  • Bachelorette – Pebbles And Dirt
  • Jpse – Let There Be Love
  • The Brunettes – End Of The Runway
  • Straightjacket Fits – Down In Splendor
  • Bike – Save My Life
  • The Tweeks – Guess I’Ll Never See Her Again
  • Garageland – Fingerpops
  • Fur Patrol – Hidden Agenda
  • Pop Hits City – Hold It
  • Libra Accord – Life In Cars
  • Cut Off Your Hands – Sorry

Sheep Technique [01/07/2008]

My very last Sheep Technique (kiwi music show on student radio station RDU); with Paul, and with an aborted interview with Cindy (previously known as Sandra) from former Flying Nun single band 25c.

Bible Black – Hell of a Woman
The Renderers – Low to the Ground
The Clean – Point that Thing Somewhere Else
25c – The Witch
Front Lawn – A Man and a Woman
25c – Don’t deceive me
The Good Housewives – Concerto in D Minor
The Stones – See Red
Spacedust – Too Much Action
3Ds – Outer Space
Steffan Van Soest Hit-Machine – Woman By My Side (Mexican Man)
Ticket – Mr. Music
Shaft – The Downhill Racer
Scorched Earth Policy – Sunset on the Loading Zone
Scavengers – Mysterex
Toy Love – Bride of Frankenstein
Reduction Agents – Urban Yard
Blam Blam Blam – There is No Depression in New Zealand
Pop Art Toasters – What Am I Going to Do
Tomorrows Love – 7 and 7 Is
King Loser – 76 Comeback
Straitjacket Fits – Life in One Chord
Palace of Wisdom – Found and Lost
Wreck Small Speakers on Expensive Stereos – All of This
the Bats – Block of Wood
Snapper – Snapper and the Ocean
Bitch – Wildcat
Die! Die! Die! – Sideways Here We Come
The Androidss – Auckland Tonight
Lawrence Arabia – Half the Right Size

Sheep Technique [22/11/06]

This Weeks Setlist On My Kiwi Music Show Included:

  • Substandard – The Reactionary […Low Electric City Pulses… Ep 2002?]
  • Hawaii Five-0 – Malibu’S At Maungamau [Unreleased 1998]
  • Golden Harvest – Give A Little Love [Give A Little Love 7″ Single