The Revengers

The Coolies Sjionel, plus Jewl of Bessamoocho / Goldifox duo (and Pink Air / Girl Alliance mainstays) Liz and Penny collins. Released a lathe-cut 7″ ode to King Loser vocalist Celia Mancini.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • ‘Mancillia’/’Shutdown’ Lathe-Cut 7″ Single[Pink Air Pink Air007]


The Soundlaydee

Jewl Of Bessamoocho and Goldifox‘s Penny Collins in an 80s flavoured solo guise. Casio-Tone punk from Kerikeri, South Auckland.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • 8″ Lathe-Cut Ep[Pink Air Pink Air010]


White Saucer

Improv-heavy duo Stella Corkery (Sweetcakes, Queen Meanie Puss) and Alan Holt making a variety of different noises in all sorts of directions. Featuring Corkery’s drumming, plus guitar and electronics, many of the duo’s releases so far have been odes (so far to Sun Ra, Christchurch film-maker Paul Jones and the legendary Billy TK), all captured by the upstart Pink Air label.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • White Saucer Triple 8″ Lathe-Cut [Crawlspace]
  • ‘Phoenix’/’Give It Up’ Lathe-Cut 7″ [Pink Air Pink Air002]
  • ‘Built To Die’/’Fire On Your Horizon’ 8″ Lathe-Cut Single [Pink Air Pink Air003]
  • White Saucer 3″ Cd-R [Pink Air Pink Air013]
  • White Saucer W/ Lovely Midget + Guy Cassette [W/ Lovely Midget / Guy Freedom From Ff0136]




Auckland 3-piece indie group who featured on Fast Food Records ‘Christmas On The Rocks’ compilation, as well as putting out an EP in 2003 which was subsequently remixed and released on the Pink Air label. Known for their quirky live touches (when supporting the likes of Mercury Rev and Trans-Am), the band split up later in 2003, with Kane going on to join the first incarnation of spazz-punk outfit Die! Die! Die!.


  • Bruce Wurr (1999-2002, 2015)
  • Luke Stemson (1999-2002, 2015)
  • Tim Lewton (1999-2002, 2015)


  • 1999-2002 (2015)



The current alias of Stella Corkery, now firmly established in an ever-expanding Auckland punk scene (under the Girl Alliance.. err.. alliance) that includes the likes of the Coolies and Corkery’s White Saucer and Fake Purr). Initially recording a lathe-cut of just pure drums and percusion, Sweetcakes has since expanded into a full ‘guitar, electronics, drums and kids toys’ sound for subsequent releases.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • ‘Pink Drums’ 7″ Single[Pink Air Pink Air001]
  • ‘Wanaque’/’Semi-Auto’/’Suzie Wrong Ole Mountain’/’Secret Diary Freak Out’ Double 7″ [Pink Air Pink Air004/5]
  • Sweetcakes Compilation Cd-R [Pink Air Pink Air013]