Cassandra’s Ears


Dunedin based pop-rock featuring a young Jan Hellriegel, backed by Vanessa Anich, Flick Rhind, Sarah McNab, Megan Miller, Leanne Ibell and Zan Wright. released a couple of EP’s during their short tenure: 1988-1991.


  • Jan Hellriegel (Guitar/Vocals/Piano, 1988 – 1991)
  • Vanessa Anich (Drums, 1988 – 1991)
  • Flick Rhind (Bass, 1988 – 1991)
  • Sarah McNab (Percussion/Vocals, 1988 – 1991)
  • Megan Miller
  • Leanne Ibell (Guitar/Percussion, 1988 – 1991)
  • Zan Wright (Vocals, 1990)
  • Debs Frame (Saxophone, 1988)
  • Danny Manetto (Cello, 1988)


  • Private Wasteland EP (1988, Jayrem, JAY142)
  • Your Estimation Cassette Single (1990, Jayrem, TC-Jay 738)
  • The Cassandra’s Ears Story (2010, Blind Date Records, BDR003)



specialist independent label that dates back to 1977, distributing a wide assortment of moari, reggae, roots, alternative and womans music – particularly noteable are the excellent early 1980s post-punk releases of the freudian slips, the bizarre avant garage and charlotte yates’ many projects.
compilation discography
picks in bold

  • barking up the right tree [1983]
  • capitol kaos [1984]
  • this island [1984]
  • three points of metal [1984]
  • kiwifruit salad [1984 BURT03]
  • songs from the banana dominion [1984]
  • say something [1985 BURT05]
  • packaged to sell [1985]
  • weird culture, weird custom [1986]

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Naked Spots Dance

Early 80s Wellington Post-Punk Outfit In The Style Of The Au Pairs, Featuring Kate Walker, Stephen Norris, Matthew Fisher And Katherine Mcrae, And For A Short-Period Future Oscar Winner (And Member Of The Wallsockets) Frances Walsh.
The ‘5 Love Songs’ Ep Is Excellent, A Very Jagged And Fragmented Take On Post-Punk Where The Guitar Floats In And Out Of Thick Bass Grooves, And At Times Threatens To Explode – Later Culminating In An Almost-Psychadelic Styled Breakdown At The End Of The Ep.

Discography (picks in bold)