8 Dec

Short-lived Wellington lathe-cut label associated with Fever Hospital and Paul Solly.

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Douglas Bagnall


Part of the 8 Dec Records label / Fever Hosptial collective, a group of low-key musicians / film-artists that have released several lathe-cuts (including an early Campbell Kneale release as Airport) to little or no attention.


  • Douglas Bagnell


  • Soaked 7″ lathe-cut single (1998, 8 Dec Records)



Fever Hospital

totally unheralded collective behind 8 dec records. vocals by brisbane-born lissa mitchell, with possible contributions from douglas bagnall and paul solly (the only other contributors to this mysterious label), most probably recorded in wellington in line with mitchell and bagnall’s film work.
picks in bold

  • ok1977 7″ lathe-cut [1995 8dec] rn
  • stop motion 7″ lathe-cut [8dec]