A Low Hum News – July 2012

D.I.Y. Touring the World
D.I.Y. Touring the World

For those of you who were interested in getting hold of (A Low Hum head guy) Blink’s brilliant D.I.Y. Touring the World book, but were unable to make it to his release shows, he’s now released the book on-line for download using a Pay-As-You-Like set-up.

Check it out here.

‘D.I.Y. Touring The World’ is written principally as a handbook for unknown underground bands on how to tour the world to play music. However, if you’re not in a band, hate music, or don’t even want to tour the world, you’ll still gain some important insight—even if it’s only tips on how to live on the fringes of poverty.

– Blink

Oh and Blink has more big news too:

Firstly tickets for Camp A Low Hum 2013 are now on sale here (Facebook group: here and YouTube ighlights from 2012: here).

Secondly he’s gonna be opening a venue in Wellington:

Holy crap indeed… this is exciting/nerve wracking. I’ve been thinking about it for years, but always found excuses. Well I’ve now bit the bullet and will ride that crazy train for a wee while at least. Yip. After years of bitching about the shortcomings of venues around the world, I am a few months away from opening my own in Wellington. Better be good right?

As well as awesome parties, another function of the bar/venue will be a rehearsal studio – something seriously lacking in Wellington.

As a rehearsal space it will be second to none (I hope); Only one band can use at a time, full backline (drumkit, bass/guitar amps, keyboard stands, etc…) is provided as well as a full PA and prices are negotiable. If your band is super broke, you might be able to exchange your skills or labour with the venue instead of money.

The rehearsal space will be operating from 1 Sept. I will accept limited casual bookings but I am mainly looking for bands who want to set aside a regular weekly spot. So get in touch now and we’ll work out a plan! alowhum@gmail.com

As well as “bands” I’ll offer crazy good deals for those bedroom producers who want to try out a live set, hear their stuff on a bigger PA and/or want a different environment for testing mixes.

There will be more details on the venue in future mail-outs, so keep reading!

And Lastly, big Disasteradio news:

Ok, well, firstly the epic video for DROP THE BOMB is finally here. Made by the SKYRANCH team and set in the same world as the incredible video for NO PULSE. I make a split second cameo in there somewhere.

More exciting than a new video from Skyranch? In just a few weeks time, Disasteradio will be touring through CHINA! I’m really jealous ‘cause I’m not tagging along on an experience few NZ bands get the opportunity to do.

Disasteradio China Tour 2012
July 19th – Beijing
July 20th – Shanghai
July 21st – Wuhan
July 22nd – Changsha
July 23rd – Kunshan
July 24th – Wuxi
July 27th – Hangzhou
July 28th – Suzhou
July 29th – Nanjing
Aug 1st – Zhengzhou
Aug 2nd – Xian
Aug 4th – Chongqing
Aug 5th – Chengdu

If you’re in China or just want to know what’s going on, follow Disasteradio on http://www.facebook.com/disasteradio

The Music Industry is Dead (apparantly)

I’ve gotten emails from two seperate people – Oscar (who runs El Santo here in Lyttelton/Christchurch) and Ian (aka Blink of A Low Hum fame) who are starting up new record stores int he coming months. Seriously thats a turn up for the books.

Oscar’s Lyttelton store is gonna be called Evil Genius and he’s gonna stock a whole heap of Vinyl, Posters and other collectable, design type stuff.

Come and explore our new store. New screen printed tee’s, art, toys, Vinyl and CD’s… Featuring live @ 4pm… Ryan Prebble (Nudge, Spartacus R, Fly my Prettys) , The Coffin Surfin Corpse of the Mysterious Tapeman, BAD EVIL and secret guests, BBQ and refreshments. MOO AH HA HA

Also for all you musician… Wanna stock your warez in Evil Genius?
Email us @ EvilGenius@hotmail.co.nz

Blink’s starting a Cafe/Record store type deal and here’s the blurb:


So, you know how the music retail industry is dying, well dead? I thought I’d open a record store!

Man. I have done some stupid stuff in my life, but this definitely takes the cake. But, hey… as the name suggests, it’s just Temporary.

Me and Davis have started a weird little café in Wellington at 13 Dixon Street that sells Vinyl, CDs, Cassettes, Merch, Tshirts, Art, Coffee, Food, Drinks, Posters, Zines, Books and MP3s!

Our official opening is on Wednesday 16th February, but we’re open sporadic hours at the moment if you want to drop by before then! We’ve already got some choice stuff in stock, but will be getting heaps more over the coming weeks.

We’ll be selling Mp3s as well, some for pay-as-you-like, all you need to do is bring in a USB stick or we’ll burn you a CD.

You should like us on Facebook, even if you don’t like us in real life: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Temporary/131007860297669

Come in and say hey!

If you’d like to stock some stuff at TEMPORARY, email me!

Lastly; I just caught the mighty Eastern busking down on London Street, on this glorious sunny day. Good to see those guys again and with such a capable line-up these days – Guitar, Banjo, Upright Bass, Violin and Mandolin – choice as.