Bailterspace – Strobosphere out today!

Bailterspace - Strobosphere
Bailterspace – Strobosphere

Well holy moly.

After 14 years, Bailterspace are back with their first new release since 1998’s Photon EP!

I previously mentioned the early single ‘No Sense’ is available via streaming on the Arch Hill BandCamp (see below) – however the album in full is now available, and on tasty vinyl too! You can order direct from the good folks at Arch Hill here.

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BandCamp: Dance Asthmatics

Dance Asthmatics

I posted about Dance Asthmatics excellent darkroom performance last week, but I haven’t linked to their BandCamp recordings yet…

So here they are!

Bandcamp: XfrankgrimesX


Missed their new EP back in December; but local Christchurch hardcore punk dicks XfrankgrimesX have now got a couple releases on BandCamp available for download.

Get to it here