Stephen Clover – who also released lathe cut albums under the names Logstore and the Longshoremen.

Yet another of the post H-Corp NZ bands that have risen in the aftermath of the mid-90’s free noise frenzy. Seht is much more about minimalism, field recordings, and still, beautiful moments. Some tracks here (like ‘Canned Laughter’) are outright disturbing and quite experimental while others focus only on solo acoustic guitar. Like Antony Milton, Seht demonstrates an all-too-genius use of field recordings, the pinnacle of which being the 10 minute ‘St. Valentine’s Day’ track that escalates a found recording of a Salvation Army Band to near cosmic proportions!
Last Visible Dog

Discography (picks in bold)


Seen Through

The duo of Antony Milton and Ben Spiers – both prominent wellington based experimental artists. Seen Through is a largely improvisation guitar-distortion duo, releasing material on Pseudoarcana, and a split release with US Outfit Davenport on Haamumaa.

Discography (picks in bold)


The Winter

Wellington trio led by Dave Edwards (guitar / harmonica), with San Shimla (Cello) and prolific New Zealand music journalist Simon Sweetman (Drums / Percussion). Edwards has been self releasing on his own Fiff Dimension website his own recordings for a few years, and the Parataxes album marks his debut in a group ensemble (on Antony Milton‘s fine Pseudoarcana label), which Foxy Digitalis‘s Brad Rose commends for the interact improv feel of the recordings.
Discography (picks in bold)


With Throats As Fine As Needles

New duo comprised of Celebrate Psi Phenomenon / Birchville Cat Motel‘s Campbell Kneale and Pseudoarcana / A.M.‘s Antony Milton.

Extended fluttering organ drones, shifting like sonic sand dunes, elemental forces dragging melodies and chords out over thousands of years, the glacial flow of sound, warm and dreamy, recorded live in old bunkers and tunnels, these two tracks of primieval ur-drone, reverberate and shimmer, like clouds of crystal shimmer, meditative and tranquil, a gorgeous almost static haze! some more perfectly pristine drone music from these two masters!
Aquarius Records

Discography (picks in bold)


The Stumps

The Stumps are the New Zealand superspawn of Antony Milton (Pseudoarcana, The Nether Dawn, Etc), Stephen Clover (Seht), and James Kirk (Sandoz Lab Technicians, Gate etc). With a laundry list of individual accomplishments preceding them, “Lost Weekends” brings high expectations. Compared to such seminal acts as Acid Mothers Temple and Fushitusha, these kiwis have their own twist in their psychedelic cosmic explorations. They are robust and powerful; an exciting and often overwhelming listening experience. It’ll burn out your eardrums and douse the flames in hot wax. But fear not, within these methodic blasts are moments of icy calm. Underneath all this chaos is a relaxed thread, keeping some semblance of order intact.
Foxy Digitalis

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Lost Weekend Cd-R [2006 Foxglove Foxglove121]
  • The Black Wood [2007 Last Visible Dog]
  • Split Fleet Dodge Lp [2007 Palindrone]



The duo of Antony Milton (aka AM) and Greg Larking, who play a clattering brew of experimental drone noise featuring guitar, violin etc.

On “School Of Religious Studies” they take an abrasive approach to collaboration, and come out the other side bloodied and bruised. These recordings teeter between beautiful, cathartic releases of tension and chaotic warlike nightmares. for a noisy improv album, there’s a lot going on here.
Brad Rose; taken from Foxy Digitalis

Discography (picks in bold)


Swagger Jack

‘Swagger Jack’ is something else entirely. Jacks my hillbilly-punk songwriting character (a hard-drinking embittered feral/hippy idealist who records occasionally ‘rattly’ and violent, but often ‘pretty’ (in a melancholy way) acoustic numbers on battery powered 4-trks in doc huts and hardly ever goes to town).

He’s meant to be someone other than me (..!), a way to sing poppy folksongs without getting too hung up on ‘the word’ (see post-structuralist crisis…) but seems to be morphing more and more into antony milton these days though which is something of a disturbing trend!
Antony Milton; taken from the [now sadly defunt] website

Earlier (mid 90s) lo-fi recordings from Antony Milton, all released on his own Wire Bridge label as cassettes. It looks like Milton still has these recordings available directly from his Pseudoarcana / Wire Bridge Website as he’s been converting these releases to CD-r.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Free Today, And Tomorrow Cassette / CD-r [Wire Bridge Wrb010]

  • Live At The Space Cassette [W/ Demarnia Lloyd / The Mr. Sterile Ensemble Wire Bridge Wrb011]

  • Gorse Cassette / CD-r [Wire Bridge Wrb012]

  • Flaying Begets Shelter Cassette / CD-r [Wire Bridge Wrb013]

  • My Good Guts Cassette / CD-r [Wire Bridge Wrb013]



‘A.M.’ is my most eclectic project. The seeding ground for all the others actually, which have generally grown out of a.m. When I find a particular sound that I want to pursue. A.M. is mainly ‘drone’ and ‘noise’ stuff, but you will find songs, folk music, minimalist electronic improv and field recs on most A.M. Releases as well…
– Antony Milton; Taken from the now-defunct website

Discography (picks in bold)


Borderline Ballroom: Birchville Cat Motel, Peter Wright, Antony Milton

Campbell Kneale retired his Birchville Cat Motel moniker with the first BCM performance in Christchurch, as another in the line of Borderline Ballroom shows. Peter Wright was back from England and played a pleasant set of drone; whilst Antony Milton mixed things up with electronic and guitar reverberations. BCM revolved around vocal-generated noisy drones, bring to an epic loud climax.

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Antony Milton

Wellington based founder of the Psuedoarcana label, who also performs by the initials A.M., as well as Nether Dawn and Street, and has releases on Clayton Noone’s Root Don Lonie For Cash Peter Wrights’ Apoplexy label.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Wire Bridge Cassette [Wire BridgeWrb001]

  • Sketches Cassette [Wire BridgeWrb002]

  • Ash Feathers, And Radios Bark Cassette [Wire BridgeWrb003]

  • Tinfoil Cassette [Wire BridgeWrb004]

  • Place Cassette [Wire BridgeWrb005]

  • Sirens Cassette [Wire BridgeWrb006]

  • Queenslandbrisbane Cassette And Book [Wire BridgeWrb007]

  • And Where The Coloured Planes Are Rafts Cassette And Book [Wire BridgeWrb008]

  • Fleeting Cassette [Wire BridgeWrb009]

  • Near/Far Cd-R [2001 Celebrate Psi Phenomenon]

  • Big Rooms, Small Rooms Double Cd-R [2002 Root Don Lonie For CashRdl084]

  • Fracture Floor Cd-R [W/ Snakes Beings 2003 Maggotism International]

  • Yet Marvelous Stasis Cd-R [2003 Haamumaa]

  • Sirens [2005 Compilation / Reissue Of Previous ‘Sirens’ Cassettes Pseudoarcana]

  • The End Of This Short Road [2007 Deserted Village]