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Shacklock Meth Party Release Party

Zen Mantra
Zen Mantra

Rhett Copland put together this terrific party at All Plastics studios on saturday night for the album release of his latest project – Shacklock Meth Party.

With performances from the excellent young groups Zen Mantra and Ipswich, Auckland’s former Nevernude vocalist Anthony Drent, debutants Raygun (with Damo Suzuki / Mark E Smith style rhythmic ranting) and the headline act all playing pretty tight sets.

I took a bunch of really cool black and white action shots – which you can see the rest of here.


You can check out a video for Shacklock Meth Party’s ‘This is my Shit, Gwen’ below:

Shacklock Meth Party – This Is My Shit, Gwen

Shacklock Meth Party
Shacklock Meth Party