arch hill

small auckland-based independent label that sprung up out of flying nun’s corporate changes in the late 90s and run by (former superette bass-player) ben howe to release material for his own band fang, along with associated other musicans (fellow ex-superette members dave mulcahy and greta anderson, and jim laing’s lanky). characterized by having quirky pop moments (pine released their debut in 2002 on the label) and a simple / flexible approach to recording, they’re a promising label to look out for.
in june 2004, arch hill announced that kiwi music legend david kilgour would be releasing his latest album (tentatively titled frozen orange) in september of the year, adding to a band roster that now also includes ghostplane and australian outfit dappled cities fly. arch hill also offer their recording facilities for non-label artists, with reasonable charge out fees.
arch hill studios records digitally onto pro-tools24, but has a well used selection of off-board analogue pre-amps, EQ, compressors, effects and other equipment.rn- arch hill
using a pretty standard pro-tools/focusrite/genelec monitors setup along with what looks like a pretty good selection of microphones, along with solid-state and valve compressors and effects, they currently [july 2004] offer an NZ$50 per hour (engineer included) rate, or NZ$350/$400 per weekday/weekend day, which isn’t bad for an auckland-based studio.
compilation discography
picks in bold

  • introducing arch hill [2001 AHR006]
  • the hill is alive – compilation 2 [2003 AHR009]

contact details
if available

  • arch hill [official website]
  • ben howe [label-head / email contact]
  • +64 9 360-0772 [phone number]
  • arch hill recordingsrn
  • 331 great north rdrn
  • po box 68-194rn
  • newtonrn
  • aucklandrn
  • new zealand [postal address]

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