Sheep Technique [30/04/2008]

  • The Beautiful Losers – The Beautiful Losers (The Beautiful Losers)
  • Dave Khan – The Vanishing (Music for Piano and Voice)
  • Barnard Star – Gulfstream (Barnard Star)
  • The Ruby Suns – Ole Rinka (Sea Lion)
  • Alec Bathgate – We’re All Babies (The Indifferent Velvet Void)
  • The Delorians – Tearing Me Down (Dash Dash Comma Nought)
  • Voom – Happy Just Bumming Around (Hello, Are You There?)
  • Cloud Coupe – Honey Baby Sugar (Live – from Arc Life Compilation)
  • Deadly Deaths – Half Time Double Team (Deadly Deaths)
  • Mestar – Choo Choo Train (Live – from Arc Life Compilation)
  • ‘Orkid – BZ3 (Unreleased EP)
  • Shaft – The Downhill Racer (Pooty)
  • Pop Hits City – Hold It (Five Foxes)
  • Collapsing Cities – Eli’s in a Cult Now (Elixir Always)
  • The 3Ds – Dust (Strange News From the Angels)
  • The Coshercot Honeys – Mr Dangerous (We’re All Lions)
  • Surf City – Free The City (Surf City)
  • Whipping Cats – These Murdering Hands (The Gruesome Numbers)
  • The Sneaks – Kuzai (Heart) You Girl (You All Suck)
  • Zero – Plaque (Zero)
  • The Dead C – Children (Eusa Kills – T-Rex Cover)
  • The Incisions – Axis of Evil (Let Terror Rain)
  • Nocturnal Projections – In Purgatory (Nerve End in Power Lines)
  • Five Car Pile Up – Beatniks Wish (Christmas on the Rocks Compilation)
  • Charlie Ash – Ah Ha (Can Can EP)
  • House of Dolls – Laugh Out Loud (Unreleased Single)
  • Hawaii Five-0 – Malibu’s at Maugamanu (Complete Recordings CD-R)
  • Jimmy Zoom and the Beytown Grifters – Five Day Fever (Jimmy Zoom EP)

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