Golden Axe Tour Diaries!

Terrific Golden Axe front-man (and occasional journalist) Chris Cudby has been writing up some highly entertaining tour diaries on, as his group knocks Europe for 6 as part of the AMDISCS Summer Showcase euro Tour 2012. Check out the tour details on Facebook here.

Here’s an exert from Part One

We go home to sleep at Sami’s friend’s apartment place (which is huge and cheap and has a sauna) to catch some Zs but whoops – a laptop is left at the venue. The best solution seems to be to hire a 5am courier to deliver it back which costs some bucks but is worth it. Everyone’s happy! Daif tells me I should also mention that Sami has seen the Sam Neil film Possession every day for 3 months.

Here’s an exert from Part Two

A guy last night told us that he found free boat a while back and has fun just paddling around. It doesn’t take us long to notice that Gent seems filled with more good looking people than I’ve ever seen anywhere. Maybe it’s because of all the bike-riding. Chris Horse Head is super stoked to get a Belgium waffle and I buy some urgently required slip-on sneakers.


Music by Golden Axe
Video by Simon Ward

thanks to Antistars & Lemon Cat

Golden Axe ‘Liquid Bacon’ LP //

Horse Head ‘Jewelry’ EP //

[PHYSICS] ‘Love Electrical’ EP //

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