Camp A Low Hum 2012 (just about) Sold Out!

Blink just posted this on the Camp Alow Hum website:

Tickets to Camp 2012 are now sold out! BUT there are still chances to get tickets.

A) I have held onto 20 tickets. To get one of these tickets you must have been to a minimum of two previous camps or have already booked travel (flights/buses etc) and prove you had paid for travel before today or send me a super sob story – you need to email me ASAP to get one of these 20.

B) There will no doubt be some people who can’t make camp and need to sell their ticket for whatever reason. I will start a waiting list and if a current ticket holder emails me looking to onsell their ticket, you may be able to get a ticket this way. Obviously no guarantees that you’ll get a ticket, but you may as well be on the list. Email: and put “waiting list” in the subject line.

C) A current ticket holder may look to do a private sale. There will no doubt be people selling their tickets on the Facebook event page

For information about ticket transfers, read below before purchasing or selling a ticket.

Info on buying/selling tickets

If you buy another persons ticket to Camp, that is totally cool, however there is a simple procedure. Once you have purchased you need to ask the current holder of the ticket to email: with their name and ticket number, they need to also email me your name and email address. I will then email confirmation to you, the new ticket holder.

Tickets may not be sold for more than face value ($228 if they paid by credit card). If tickets are sold on trademe, they must have a “buynow” of $228 or less. If somebody tries to sell you a ticket for more, please let me know and I’ll get in touch with them to refund at standard amount and sell their ticket to you. I won’t tolerate people trying to profit from selling their ticket.

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