BandCamp: Bang! Bang! Eche!

BandCamp: Bang! Bang! Eche!Watch out for Bang! Bang! Eche! in the upcoming months as they’re currently recording their debut full-length album. In the meantime check out their BandCamp site; featuring both EP’s and even a couple bonus live recordings.

Holiday Cycling in Christchurch

Joey CampingPretty sure Christchurch is the perfect city for cycling… well at least in New Zealand. If your a keen (or even fun-having casual) cyclist, why not go for an overnight camp on your bike?

Gets some buddies together along with food, entertainment and shelter together on your bikes – I recommend panniers for carrying stuff, but even DIY efforts like a bucket on your handlebars or beer crate on the back will help. Typical overnight trips include the northern beaches (most are patrolled, so its fun to hide your tend in the sand dunes), sumner / taylors / banks peninsula or the inland lakes for the more adventerous and stronger cyclists.

Great way to get out in the open, have a few drinks and a laugh over the holidays.

BandCamp: Transistors

BandCamp: Transistors

Christchurch Punky Rockers the Transistors have an album and an EP available for download on BandCamp, grab them here.

Known for their awesome live shows, the Transistors are a power-trio in the extreme, with catchy songs played with raw speed and fury.

BandCamp: Wet Wings

Wet Wings: Skin to Soil

Former Black Market Art frontman Darian Woods lovely lil project (along with Lucy Bottingshire, and occasionally others.

This is Wet Wings first release, and available on Cassette no less! Check it out on BandCamp

BandCamp: Teen Fortress

Teen Fortress: album name Learning (Everything Has To End For Some Reason I Don't Believe It)

Zak from Bang! Bang! Eche! recently recorded and released this album of solo recordings, available from both BandCamp and his bizarro blog, check it out!

BandCamp: The Bats

The Bats - Don't You Rise
The Bats - Don't You Rise

Go check out the Bats BandCamp page, overing a bunch of downloads, including material from Minisnap. Choice!

Band Camp: The Bats, Minisnap etc