specialist independent label that dates back to 1977, distributing a wide assortment of moari, reggae, roots, alternative and womans music – particularly noteable are the excellent early 1980s post-punk releases of the freudian slips, the bizarre avant garage and charlotte yates’ many projects.
compilation discography
picks in bold

  • barking up the right tree [1983]
  • capitol kaos [1984]
  • this island [1984]
  • three points of metal [1984]
  • kiwifruit salad [1984 BURT03]
  • songs from the banana dominion [1984]
  • say something [1985 BURT05]
  • packaged to sell [1985]
  • weird culture, weird custom [1986]

contact details
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king, peter

though without any repute at all as a musician (his two releases are essential trial lathes, housed at the national library), peter king is perhaps the most important man in new zealand independent music – a fact he is quite oblivious towards. peter king is the eccentric and hyper-productive madman behind king industries worldwide, a one-man factory with a notorious reputation. since the 1980s, king industries have churned out thousands, if not 10s of thousands of individually crafted lathe-cut records, in runs as small as just 20 copies.
using a handful of portable industrial lathe-cutting machines, some simple hi-fi equipment and a ton of poly-vinyl acetate, peter king has been the sole output for not just a portion, but the majority of new zealand’s underground musicians being committed for the ages. in the past, kings’ records were often noisy or even poorly cut – but that was part of the experience, for an absolutely minimum outlet of hard-earned cash, just about any musician (or even non-musician) could afford themself a short run of (almost) vinyl records, which vary from custom-made 5″ singles to full lps, with various different shapes, and even picture-discs being produced.
over the course of the last 20 years at his geraldine (and now mt. somers) abode, king has produced albums for the creme of new zealand underground, along with a lot of the bottom-dwellers, and he currently finds himself almost too occupied making limited-edition releases for overseas interests (some as high-profile as sonic youth, pavement and even the beastie boys).
peter king can be contacted directly for inquiries on his record-production process, and his lathe-cut runs – which are very affordable at between NZ$5 for 7″s and NZ$10 for 12″s per unit. his mail address is:
picks in bold

  • money lathe-cut 8″ picture-disk [self-released]
  • first trial negative position lathe-cut 8″ picture-disk [self-released]

contact details
peter king record manufacturing

  • 35 comyns strn
  • mt somersrn
  • 1 rdrn
  • ashburtonrn
  • south islandrn
  • new zealandrn
  • phone/fax: 64 3 303 9755rn
  • cell phone: 64 25 623 5389rn

lil chief

at the forefront of new zealand independent pop in the 00s is lil chief records, a small, but firmly established label maintained by [the tokey tones] scott mannion and [the brunettes] jonathan bree. lil chief estasblished their name and chirpy indie-pop focus with the stunning debut of auckland popsters the brunettes, and follow-up releases from the tokey tones, and the sublime nudie suits.
2004 seems to be an even stronger year for the dynamic new label, with the follow-up from the high-riding brunettes, along with new recordings from the dynamic shaft, edmund cake’s quirky solo debut, and the long-awaited 2nd album from christchurch’s alec bathgate, making their way into stores.
compilation discography
picks in bold

  • now we are three [2005 us release]

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Quickly Established Wellington Rock’N’Roll Label. Adding A Little Polish To Their Lo-Fi Primitive Recordings With Professional Cds And Decent Marketing, The Label Quickly Established A Firm Roster With A Couple Of Compilation Releases, Plus Records By The Users, The Raskolnikovs And Cherry.

Compilation Discography (picks in bold)

  • Trashed! [2004]
  • Too Trashed! [2005]


Tiny Christchurch-based label initiated by Campbell McLay, that put out cassette (and some vinyl) releases from the likes of the Bottletops and the Riptoids, and continues to release Ritchie Venus’s many cdr releases (Venus aka Michael Braithwaite is involved in the labels running).

Through-out the 80s the compiled a swagger of local acts onto their Krypton Hits compilation series, and were associated with Arnie Van Bussells’ Nightshift studio. In 2012 the label went through something of a renaissance with German label Unwucht Musik re-issuing Venus’s 1998 album ‘Rocking to the Grave’, and then compiling various back-catalogue tracks from the Krypton Hits series as ‘Krypton Hits’, an excellently packaged vinyl-only release.

Compilation Discography
Picks in Bold

  • twenty solid krypton hits [1982 PR1072]
  • twenty krypton hits: vol. one cassette [1983 K002]
  • donkey and the albatross ep [1983]
  • krypton green cassette [1984 K003]
  • krypton red cassette [1984 K004]
  • krypton amber cassette [1984 K005]
  • kv1 7″ ep [1985 KV001]
  • get up and go video [1985 VC001]
  • k9k9 video [1986 VC002]
  • off our shoulders [1987 PR2377]
  • kveetwo cassette [1987 K007]
  • kveethree cassette [1987 K008]
  • nightshift video [1988 VC005]

Contact Details

  • Michael Braithwaite [email contact]
  • +64 3 338-3071 [phone number]
  • Onset/Offset Recordings
  • P.O. Box 2764
  • Christchurch
  • New Zealand [postal address]