The Rainy Days

starting life as a schlocky, punky ensemble, the rainy days recorded a couple of eps in a decade – with a huge number of contributors flowing in and out of the band, before settling on a more melodic configuration in the early 00s. their excellent ‘spungomummagummabyllybeef+microchips’ anthologies compiles a substantial amount of unreleased material from their earlier period, and is a fine place to start with such an eclectic band.
picks in bold

  • raspberry spungo cassette [1993 frisbee]
  • mumma gumma bubblegum cassette [1993 f-corp / gestalt information and communication systems network]
  • ‘uh huh’/’hotcakes’/’g.o.g.’ 7″ single [1995 flying nun FN332] rn
  • ‘rock n’ roll made me a man’/’i’ve got the rock’/’the creeper’ 7″ single [1998 kato] rn
  • spungomummagummabyllybeef+microchips [2003 compilation honest tooth / gestalt information and communication systems network]
  • hot shit! [2003 gestalt information and communication systems network]
  • facework [2005 gestalt information and communication systems network]


danny butt, kim pieters and peter stapleton outfit. pieters and stapleton formed the metonymic label to release their material, whilst flies inside the sun co-existed as the same line-up, but with the addition of the brilliant renderers front-man brian crook on guitar.
picks in bold

  • sediment [1996? metonymic metonymic001]
  • sycamore [1997? metonymic metonymic004]
  • ‘myacine’/’invisible’ lathe-cut 7″ [self-released]


[profile thanks to blair parkes]
range began at a party in 1995 when hayden asked blair parkes to play some country type music. after playing an acoustic support slot as ‘space rangers’ the name was shortened to range and bert (also in creeley with blair at the time) was asked to join in on drums. late that year they recorded 12 songs at nightshift studios, largely paid for with money earnt installing garden sprinkler systems. three songs from these sessions, ‘nothing’, ‘you know she loves you’ and ‘stand’ were released the following year on the wrong records compilation, dollar mixture .
with bert now living in wellington, and with lots of time on their hands and a new four track, the focus shifted to recording. the best of these were semi¬≠released as a cassette album, ahm#403; ‘city woman’ getting good airplay on student radio.
in april 97 hayden moved to northeast thailand for the next four years. recording continued via airmail until april 1998 when hayden returned to christchurch for a few weeks and ‘all the way to lunch’ was begun at the national grid with john kelcher [also ex-creeley]. recording continued via post until further sessions at national grid in march 1999. more recording followed at st andrews square, carlton mill, new brighton, khon kaen and london.
in january 2002 work began to compile and finish some of these tracks digitally. mixing has started on some 34 songs. some of these are a long way from country.
picks in bold

  • ahm#403 cassette [1996?]
  • all the way to lunch [1999]