The Auckland-based psych-pop group Opossom were originally the creation of ex-Mint Chicks front-man Kody Neilson (vocals, keyboards, drums), though some Opossom recordings we’re also performed by Kody and Bic – Neilson alonside girlfriend girlfriend Bic Runga (drums, vocals, guitar, keyboards). This duo were eventually joined by Neilson’s former Mint Chicks band-mate Mike Logie (bass) to create a touring 3-piece group.

The group experienced significant positive press on the release of their debut album ‘Electric Hawaii’, and the single ‘Blue Meanies’, in late 2011 / early 2012.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Electric Hawaii [2012 Dark Summer Records]


1/3 Octave Band

A Bill Wood and Jules Desmond duo, along with other contributors such as Ben Spiers.

String driven shiver floating in a lake of orchestral sheen. Hyper-kinetic drones fashioned from the slow moving gracefulness of supersonic spacejunk. Aimless grandeur

Discography (picks in bold)

  • The System Likes You And Wants To Be Your Friend Cd-R [Pseudoarcana Pa047]
  • Fading Light From Distants Suns Cd-R [Celebrate Psi Phenomenon]
  • Apocalypse Now And Then [Stinkbuzz]
  • Piscean Tragedies Double 8″ Lathe-Cut [Crawlspace]
  • Radiotron Lathe-Cut 7″ [Self-Released]
  • Untitled Cd-R [Freedom From Ff0182]


147 Swordfish

One of the crop of great bands to surface for 1992’s Operation Music Storm competition 147 Swordfish made the finals coming second and impressing judges and audience with their well crafted sound and strongly melodic undercurrent. Songs like ‘love’ are upliftingly pop while other tracks such as ‘Hang’ drive solidly with it’s distorted bass backbone and deep ringing guitars. 147 Swordfish are melodic and smooth or poundingly tough depending on where in the song you catch them – definitely dynamic. The band consisted of David Wernham (Guitar/Vocals), Mark Tyler (Bass), Dave Deacons (Drums).

The band cut an unusual shape live with the wiry frame of Tyler standing motionless to the right, Deacons animatedly enjoying playing drums, and the hulking figure of Wernham looming over his guitar, usually extruding rivers of sweat. The band recorded 7 songs with Rob Mayes and Failsafe records for the Avalanche and Good Things project. 2 songs were left unfinished and one track remains unreleased. The band were recorded live which included a version of sublime new song ‘Freeze’, also unreleased.

Dave Wernham was at times a difficult character to deal with, but there was no denying his deft hang with a cool melody and driving song. The band were performing a number of excellent songs before they gave up 147 Swordfish for other projects, Tyler and Deacon to Salmonella Dub and Wernham to his sound engineering, eventually touring with bands like Shihad. As good a live engineer as Dave Wernham is it’s a loss to the pop world that he hasn’t pursued his song writing any further. the bands last performances were in 1994.
-Rob Mayes (Failsafe)

Discography (picks in bold)



Ohm is a quartet that includes Campbell Kneale as well as Stefan Neville of Pumice. Their Live at the Crown, packaged within a hilarious upside-down variation on the Who’s Maximum R’n’B logo, is one of the most beautiful albums i’ve heard this year. With live drone and drum improv of the highest order, ohm create a wistfully psychedelic feel. there’s an astonishing chemistry and compositional sensibility within their improvisational method. Nicely recorded and beautifully played, Ohm show extraordinary mastery over their instruments with brilliant drumming patterns. their overall sound rivals the best of the Dead C and Thela‘s improv work.
Dan Vallor: muckraker #9

Discography (picks in bold)

  • ‘as sure as moons is cheese’/’egg jelly up’ 8″ lathe-cut [dirtlove]
  • ou cassette [1996 a stabbies and the rocket recordings]
  • jones cassette [1997 a stabbies and the rocket recordings]
  • live at the crowd cd-r [1997? last visible dogLVD008]
  • re:moon cassette [celebrate psi phenomenon]



…nz underground solo artist shay j klink, combining hard hitting well composed drum machine programming, some well structured dark experimental mood intensities and pounding death/dark metal guitars – sampled and played. check it out
club bizarre

Discography (picks in bold)

  • insainium [self-released]


Off Our Shoulders

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Off Our Shoulders


The Offbeats

Wellington based 7-piece ska band with a fairly large following, after a number of tracks on a variety of ska compilations, along with their own self-titled album and an ep.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • just begun ep [1996]
  • the offbeats [2000]



The solo alias of former Cicada guitarist (and originally the Doubting Thomas‘s bass player) Kevin Tutt. Since Cicada disbanded in 1997, Tutt has been very productive under the Onelung moniker, releasing a total of 4 albums and an ep in just 6 years, the latest (enetitled Nu Scientist) coming out on the fledgling Monkey Records label – an excursion into electronic sounds.

picks in bold

  • You Get a Positive [1998 self-released]
  • The Electronic Labratory [1999 self-released]
  • Flashbacks [2000 Floating]
  • Nu Scientist [Monkey Records]


Auckland-based pop-rock 5-piece formed by a bunch of ex-Cantabrians: Jason Kerrison (vocals), Matt Treacy (guitar), Tim Skedden (guitar), Bobby Kennedy (drums) along with the english-born Ian Munro (bass).

The band kinda came out of no-where in 2004 with a record deal and debut album before anybody had really even heard them play – though the group had been formed by the Smoke-Free Rockquest winning duo of Kennedy and Clint Harris (Rockquest ’89 winners ‘Outer Control’). They immediately jumped into a major-label bracket (their Siren debut was distributed by Capitol/EMI), and performed alongside the likes of che fu and the feelers.

Their debut ‘You are here’ reached number 17 on the New Zealand album charts and eventually went platinum, and was followed up by the even more successful ‘2nd hand Planet’, a chart-topping triple-platinum release on Siren records that relied on the huge success of signature tune ‘Maybe’, which has become a staple in New Zealand television advertising.

picks in bold

  • You are here [2004/5 siren]
  • 2nd Hand Planet [2007 siren]
  • Until the end of Time [20011 OpshopMusic/Rhythmethod]



The popular 4-piece of Glen Ross (guitar/vocals), Karen McLean (bass/guitar/vocals), Ants Anema (drums/vocals) and Donald Ferns (guitar/bass/vocals) have been making what they describe as a mix of ‘The Clean, The 3Ds and Bailter Space and the DIY punk ethic of the early days of Flying Nun Records to spew forth their own greasy amalgam of guitar noise, catchy melody, and distinctive weirdness’, and their excellent performances so far certainly point in that direction.

They self released a CDr EP, before an album proper in 2004, and have been associated with Aucklands’ Powertool Records label (though their releases have come out on their own ‘Madfishwish’ imprint). The group took what may be a permanent break some time around 2009.


  • Glen Ross (Guitar/Vocals)
  • Karen McLean (Bass/Guitar/Vocals)
  • Ants Anema (Drums/Vocals)
  • Donald Ferns (Guitar/Bass/Vocals)


  • Quarterpack cd-r EP (2002, Self-released)
  • Hang on, i’m still mutating (2004, Madfishwish, MFW003)
  • Sneepy EP (2006, Madfishwish, MFW004)