The Nudie Suits

Quirky whimsical 3-piece based around one-man studio mark lyons, along with cohorts dionne and tam taylor. haphazardly recorded during the late 90s and early 00s, and then finally released in 2003, the thoroughly involving songbook debut was created using simple technology – the cd booklet proudly proclaims the album was recorded with ‘martantz ec1 consenser microphone that cost my grandfather $14.95 in 1978 from farmer’s department store’.

For all this lo-fi indulgence, the nudie suits seem to squeeze out more intricate instrumentation and joyful songs than most digital studio’s would ever record. Released on the charming Lil Chief records (home of the like-minded Brunettes), the album features contributions from a number of auckland retro-pop regulars (such as the Brunettes Jonathan Bree, Malcolm Deans, Paul Mortenson, Ricky McShane and Scott Mannion) and is full of wonderfully twee songs and delicate lap-steel and hawaiian guitar work.

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Nothing At All

Featuring a young Dion Palmer on bass (who went on to form the d4 with Jimmy Christmas), along with a couple guys named Tony Brockwell and Paul Foster, making loud, obnoxious rock’n’roll roll with a bit of a punk leaning.

They were quite popular round Auckland for a couple of years (originally forming out of Rosmini College back in 1993). They split in 1997, with Dion and Paul both exercising new interest, but sadly Tony passed away in april 1998 of cancer – a very very sad day in new zealand rock.

He was an inspired and energetic front-man, and the timing of his death (within a month of fellow auckland rock’n’roll Darcy Clay made matters all the more tragic. their album (which spawned a couple of college hits and generally did very well) can still be found here and there.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • busted ep [1995]
  • nothing at all [1995 zerophonic D31543]