Murdering Monsters

Dunedin-Based Outfit Who Released A Split Ep With Matt ‘Crude‘ Middleton’S Aesthetics, Along A Couple Other Lo-Fi Low-Rent Releases.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • 10 Truck Driving Classics Cassette [1999 Slag Strut Ss1]
  • Crownsatnov11 Cassette [W/ Aesthetics Slag Strut Ss2]
  • Murdering Mosters Lathe-Cut 7″ [Slag Strut Ss3]


The Mutton Birds


Probably Don McGlashan’s most famous song-writing vehicle, the Mutton Birds achieved considerable success in the 1990’s, with a number of successful singles, albums and even award recognition.

Originally an Auckland-based trio comprised of McGlashan (pulling double-duty with the theatrical group The Front Lawn), Six Volts guitarist David Long and drummer Ross Burge – who was also playing double duty in Dribbling Darts.

After adding (Burge’s Dribbling Darts band-mate) bassist Alan Gregg in 1992 the group released their self-titled debut, which tasted immediate success, particularly on the back of their cover of the Wayne Mason / Fourmyula classic ‘Nature‘.

Further albums followed in the mid-90s, with further success coming at the hands of their first number 1 single – ‘The Heater‘, plus perennial favorite ‘Anchor Me‘ from 1994’s Salty. Another cover – this time Blue Oyster Cults’ classic ‘(Don’t Fear) The Reaper‘ was used on the soundtrack to Peter Jacksons’ film ‘The Frighteners‘, further increasing their profile, particularly outside of New Zealand and Australia.

Towards the end of the 1990’s both Long and Gregg moved on, British guitarist Chris Sheehan, bassist Tony Fisher and another ex-Dribbling Dart – Matthew Bannister (most notably of Sneaky Feelings) filling the line-up as the decade came to a close.

Though essentially disbanding around 2002, with McGlashan going on to record under his own name (solo debutĀ Warm Hand surfaced in 2006), the group have re-united for subsequent tours in 2012 and later.


  • Don McGlashan (Vocals / Guitar / Euphonium, 1991 – 2002, 2011 -)
  • David Long (Guitar, 1991 – 1997)
  • Ross Burge (Drums, 1991 – 2002, 2011 -)
  • Alan Gregg (Bass, 1992 – 1999)
  • Chris Sheehan (Guitar, 1997 – 2002, 2011 -)
  • Tony Fisher (Bass, 1999 – 2002, 2011 -)
  • Matthew Bannister (Guitar, 2000 – 2002, 2011 -)


  • The Mutton Birds [1992 Bag Bag1003]
  • The Heater Ep [1994 Virgin 8770192]
  • Salty [1994 Virgin 8394882]
  • Box Of Birds [Compilation 1994 Virgin 4710572]
  • Nature [1995 Virgin]
  • Envy Of Angels [1997 Virgin 8425842]
  • Rain, Steam and Speed [1999 Virgin]
  • Flock: The Best Of.. [Compilation 2002 Virgin]


RIANZ Awards 1992

  • Single Of The Year: Nature
  • Album Of The Year: The Mutton Birds
  • Top Group Of The Year: The Mutton Birds

APRA Silver Scroll 1994

  • Song Writing Award: You Oughta Be In Love




Discography (picks in bold)

  • Amplexus [1990 mint sauce MINT CD1]
  • Into the hogger [1991 mint sauce MINT CD2]
  • Muttongun iii (with wood) [1993 kokopop KOKOPOP-5]


My Deviant Daughter

Dunedin-Based Dark-Pop Outfit From The Early 90s That Featured On The Out Of The Yellow-Eye Compilation.

Discography (picks in bold)


Sophie Moleta

Sophie Moleta Born In Wellington, Grew Up Mainly In Perth, Returned To Wellington, Pursued Recording And Performing Career In France, Uk, Australia And Now New Zealand. Has Numbers Of Self Releases And Numbers Of Commercial Releases On Both Rnfull Cds And Dance/Dj Vinyl. She Has More Than 25 Tracks Included On Dance And Other Cd Compilations, Mainly In The Uk Rnand Europe. Other Artist Information And Copies Of All Cd’S Are Obtainable Via Her Website.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • The Slow Scrape – Out Of Print Cassette [1992 Self-Released]
  • Trust [1998 Self-Released]
  • Dive [2000]



Now defunct old christchurch punk band from the late 90s / early 00s based around core members kyle denovan on guitar and vocals, and myself (chris andrews) on bass and accompaning vocals. Starting with just the duo and playing to a small crowd at the green room, mysterioball had the loosest of punk asthetics, finishing their debut performance (which was actually part of a christchurch arts festival gig, coming on after a play!) with a swag of Springstein covers. All very fun, the group soon expanded to include denovan’s fellow flux capicitor member joe 90, an an estwhile drummer named Terry ‘the grieval deviant’.

After an unsuccessful party performance, Joe was dropped, and Mysterioball acquired themselves a saxophonist by the name of ‘Big’ Thom, who had achieved a touch of national celebrity thanks to an unhealthy little party trick. Thom had won a local bars how low will you go competition by performing a strange little routine that involved stapling his penis and testicle’s to a large wooden cross, dangling the cross between his legs, then setting the item on fire.. Not exactly something for squemish. The band played on, creating a number of badly recorded home-demo’s and playing to fair crowds at either the jetset lounge or (their favourite) the provincial, never really growing past their amateur approach, but always playing with a lot of energy and fun.

The summer of 2000 brought about a migration north for Thom and Terry – and without support Chris and Kyle disbanded the group, which by now had accumulated some 15 original songs, and went their seperate ways. Denovan later resurfaced with a handful of like-minded groups, even playing mysterioball songs with the rocking whores, whilst i went on to join Idols of Eve in 2003. Though Thom resurfaced in 2001 to play drums with Super-Yacht – a coloborative one-off performance alongside Denovan, myself, and the Idols‘ Diana McKaye and Jason Tamahana-Bryce, he soon disappeared again.

Discography (picks in bold)


Molly Says Go

Christchurch Based Ska-Punk Outfit Formed In 1996, Split In 2002 And Were Comprised Of Jason Allender (Vocals), Toby Retallick (Guitar), Nigel Coursey (Drums, Vocals), James Sutherland (Bass, Vocals). Split An Album With Wellington’S Channel Thirteen In 2001.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Kids I Partied With Ep [1999 Self-Released] Rn
  • Channel Thirteen Vs. Molly Says Go [W/ Channel Thirteen 2001 Stakeout Records]