Lucid 3

girl comes from taranaki to the big smoke of auckland city, meets up with a guy at a party who suggests she come and meet with a friend who is a producer.this chance meeting was just the beginning for lucid 3.providing the warm and luring vocals is victoria girling-butcher. the other two-thirds of the band are made up of french-born derek metivier and marcus lawson. providing laid back groovy sounds and confusing but endearing lyrics are lucid 3’s specialty. as a follow up to their well-received ep fluid, in 2001 the band released the album “running down the keys”, a perfect album for relaxing on sunny sunday afternoons.
picks in bold

  • fluid ep [2000 independently released]
  • running down the keys [2002 independently released]
  • all moments leading to this [2004 lupin music]
  • dawn planes [2007 capitol]

Low Profile

phil bowering, steve garden, mike farrel, louise loft, stuart pearse and roger sellers.
picks in bold

  • quiet streets ep [1982 flamewave / jayrem FR-2]
  • elephunkin’ [1987 flamewave / jayrem FR-6]

Loves Ugly Children

[profile contribution thanks to jason young and rob mayes – mayes has written a detailed description of his connections to the band which is available on the failsafe website, though there is obviously some contention over certain elements of the groups history]
loves ugly children was formed in christchurch in 1989 by vocalist/guitarist simon maclaren (blue flesh syndrome), featuring scott mcarthur – guitar, floss (angela leslie) – bass and simon crockett – drums (trawler). after playing its debut gig supporting dolphin at the subway, the band recorded five tracks in maclaren’s old mill warehouse with rob mayes, which appeared on the tape-only release ‘stagger’ (failsafe). when floss split with mcarthur to pursue a relationship with maclaren, they continued their music as a three piece under another name, with maclaren singing and playing guitar and a new drummer from dunedin, greg. they didn’t play any material from the previous line up, though they did decide to revert back to the name loves ugly children. after recording several songs, none of which were released, greg was offered an album and tour with the verlaines, and left the band during july ’90.
the uglies again ceased to exist for nine months, simon and floss playing in other chch bands including the hilarious sex trash automobile.a jam with neighbour jason young (excellent soul therapy and cultivation) during may ’91 led to the reformation of loves ugly children with their first gig only two weeks after that. quite a few important songs were created in these first two weeks including ‘good things’, ‘strangers song’ and ‘love you dead’ which became standards in the luc set for the next couple of years. a recording at arnie van bussel’s nightshift studio led to a tape-only release of ‘good things’ which went on to be #1 on rdu radio station. the first six months saw luc play many shows, win a war of the bands at the carlton and tour the south island, returning to find themselves parked solidly at the forefront of the chch scene.

Lovely Midget

rachel shearer (formerly of angelhead and queen meanie puss) started recording as lovely midget as of 1995 with a self-titled 10″ release. an unusual album featuring heavy noise quota (vocals, organ and guitar kind of float in and out of a generally pretty damned lo-fi mix. a leisurely approach to writing and recording saw lovely midget return the best part of a decade later with north head – which saw a fair bit of positive underground press.
picks in bold

  • 1995 lovely midget white 8″ lathe-cut [self-released]
  • sings the lost chord lathe-cut 7″ ep [self-released]
  • ‘voiceless’/’planet caravan’/’waxy digit’ lathe-cut 7″single [ping air 009]
  • lovely midget 10″ [1995 Ecstatic Peace]
  • lovely midget CD [1995 corpus hermeticum HERMES033]
  • lovely midget 7″ single[pink air pink air009] rn
  • north head [2003 family vineyard FV24]
  • Fakerie DVD [2007 Family Vineyard]

Love in a Gas Oven

dunedin group from circa 1984, featuring ivan purvis (guitar), nathan mcconnell (drums) and jonathan underhill (saxophone/vocals).
Music Videos

Love and Violence

andrew and scott newth.
picks in bold

  • the nth times [1993 airwigg AIR CD001]

Louie and the Hotsticks

Christchurch stalwat al parks’ 80s outfit, featuring danny wilson, jim walmsley, helen mulholland, wayne beecroft and wayne jamieson. a slick professional band who played regular residencies with long sets featuring both covers and originals.
picks in bold

  • stickability ep [198?]

Music Videos