Lead Leg

initially a solo project for johnathon ogilvie (yfc) the material that appears on the south compilation was recorded by ogilvie on 4 track at rob mayes’ gilby street house. ex yfc drummer micheal daily also happened to be in christchurch at the time and so daily laid down drum tracks for these sessions as well. ogilvie, a bass player for yfc borrowed a cheap guitar from expressway label man bruce russell and laid that down over the rythm tracks. ogilvie returned to australia and continued to work under the moniker leadleg, a name he coined from his experience on a trip to china where, while sitting at an out door cafe a militant exploded a bomb at a near by table, injuring ogilvie and partner. ogilvie’s legs were penetrated by hot lead shrapnel from the bomb. leadleg became more of a band project in australia and recorded and self released and 12″ ep salt. the line-up for this band was ogilvie – bass/vocals, daily – drums/ programming, alfred solti – trumpet/samples/piano, micheal jefferis – guitar. jefferis was later replaced by peter johnson.

a seven inch single followed – ‘loaded in total darkness’, which was packaged in a used 16mm film canister and contained the tracks, world satellite and this town. the band then completed a second new zealand tour on which the band recorded 9 songs with failsafe. the band returned to australia and fell apart and the album was never released. ogilvie has continued to work with music as a music video director, making award wining clips for the likes of the headless chickens.
picks in bold

  • salt ep [1990 between two thieves BT001]


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napier based indie-rock / garage outfit comprised of martian selman (drums) and deanne taumata (guitar , vocals).
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  • ld3 [2001 self-released]

The Legionnaires

emerging out of hello sailor in the early 80s, graeme braziers legionnaires went through a number of line-up changes, taking in dave mcartney, allan badger, lyn buchanan, andrew langsfor, harry lyon, gary vernerne and paul woolwright.
picks in bold

  • live at mainstreet [live recording 1983 mushroom L38017]
  • strange faces at the oasis ep [1983 polydor LEGS11]

Legacy of Ears

legacy of ears was the alias of steve watson, a member of the collective behind the picnic boys and say yes to apes, who put out some tape releases on their tv eye label in the early 1980s. legacy of ears later joined with kevin smiths’ hyphen-smythe alias to form the hyphen-ears duo.
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donald mcpherson with tim cornelius, james currin, nathan thompson.
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  • liquified lathe cut [self-released]

Lip Service

peter warren, brian o’donnell, rob guy and david marshall.
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  • lip service [1980 cbs SBP 237517]


mark brimblecombe, andy clannican, rudi garrow and larry leach.
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The Lils


Formed in August 89 The Lils were an Auckland based group originating from Christchurch.

Two New Zealand tours, one cassette EP and an album later, their sound is undeniably true to their roots. The Lils have been described as “high octane, polished guitar pop” and this aptly described features that make The Lils stand out.

There is a definite vein of controlled power driving this melodic based band and the tightness with which the band deliver their songs while managing to maintain that rawness and “edge”, only helps to show this bands vision more clearly.

The perfect pop song? maybe.

Lodestone sees the culmination of a years hard work by the band to capture an albums worth of material and deliver it hot to the public. it was recorded and mixed in four different studios.

– Rob Mayes of Failsafe Records


  • Boyd Thwaites (Bass, 1989 – 1994)
  • Darcy Thwaites (Guitar/Vocals, 1989 – 1994)
  • James Anderson (Drums, 1989 – 1994)
  • Carl James (Vocals/Guitar, 1989 -1992)


  • Lodestone (1991, Failsafe Records SAFE018)



Lawrence Arabia

The one-man band that is James Milne – with eclectic and more fractured recordings than his material in the Reduction Agents (or for that matter former band the Brunettes). Milne is a charming story-teller, heavy on the whimsy and clever lines, low on the pretense – his live shows are something to behold and his recordings are just as fantastic.

After an oddball and poppy self-titled debut album, Milne’s 2009 follow-up ‘Chant Darling’ was an even bigger success The single ‘Apple Pie Bed’ (which he wrote and performed with the Phoenix Foundation’s Luka Buda) picked up the 2009 APRA Silver Scroll song-writers award, and exposed his songs to a wider audience.

2012 looks to be a busy year as Lawrence Arabia prepare to release ‘The Sparrow’ in July, and Milne is also busy acting and performing for the intriguing short-film ‘Uncle Bertie’s Botanarium’ (which is currently coming to the end of a PledgeMe funding drive – check out the details here).

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Lawrence Arabia [2006 Lil Chief  / Honorary Bedouin Records Lcr015 / Hbd002]
  • Chant Darling [2009 Honorary Bedouin Records Hbd003]
  • The Sparrow [2012 Bella Union]

APRA Silver Scroll 2009

  • Lawrence Arabia – Apple Pie Bed

Taite Music Prize 2010

  • Lawrence Arabia – Chant Darling