kiwi animal, the

brent hayward and julie cooper.
picks in bold

  • wartime ep [1983 brent and julie BJ001] rn
  • music media [1984 massage]
  • mercy [1985 massage TKALP003]
  • massage tunes [1986? massage TKA PRA2067]

king kapisi

the current king of polynesian hip-hop – bill urale is a self-styled example of how with a bit of ambition and some good friends, anyone can make it big. with the help of his sister he created an award-winning debut video clip, shooting his self-released debut to the top of the nz charts.
picks in bold

  • savage thoughts [2000 urale D32110]
  • 2nd round testament [2003 festival mushroom 336412]

awards etc
rianz awards 1998

  • sound engineer of the year andy mortonrn

apra silver scroll 1999

  • song writing award ‘reverse resistance’rn

king loser

king loser is the kind of band i’ve always wanted to form. more of a loose collection of friends (with an almost comical approach to drum-throne rotation), yet somehow managing to get it together enough to release 3 brilliant albums and a number of inspired singles, king loser put the scuzz in scuzz-rock.
like some kind of evil take on nancy sinatra and lee heazleoowd, the domineering front of chris heazlewood and celia mancini (nee patel/pavlova) trade off vocal barbs (him – rugged and biting, her – sultry and fork-tongued) over a bed of surf-guitar, jungle-grooves or just good-old american lo-fi hiss-rock.
utterly theatric, each band member who passed through their ranks took on a distinct persona (pat faigan became duane zarakov, lance strickland became tribal thunder) and the band played up their over-the-top american inspiration. thankfully it wasn’t all show, as king loser layed down some of the meanest guitar and hottest songs this country has even seen, and deserved far greater recognition than they actually received.
the origins of the band are a bit murky, both heazlewood and sean o’rielly shared several projects together, with sferic experiment, spacious, sf and olla being the primary suspects. pavlova was in the stepford 5 with rita le quesne in christchurch, whom zarakov played with in the axel grinders.

picks in bold

  • ‘stairway to heaven’/’exit the king’ 7″ single [1993 flying nun FN283] rn
  • supersonic hi-fi [1993 turbulence / flying nun tur-oo5 / FN299]
  • ‘tie us down’/’matchstick men’/’never hear surf music again’ 7″ single [1993 18 wheeler EWR-005] rn
  • you cannot kill what does not live [1995 flying nun FN309] rn
  • ‘troubled land’/’pow wow’ 7″ single [1996 flying nun FN394]
  • ‘troubled land’/’pow wow’/’vamp kamp’/’down from doves’ cd single [1996 flying nun FN394]
  • caul of the outlaw [1997 flying nun FN382]

kilgour, david

as a strong song-writer behind the seminal flying nun 3-piece the clean, david kilgour developed his own style of country tinged psychedilic rock-guitar playing, earnest vocals and a distinct kiwi sound that he made all his own. kilgour (and his backing band the heavy eights) have a more relaxed sound than the signature sound of early clean (closer to the post-clean great unwashed sound), trading scott’s chugging bass and the punky approach of the clean’s early recordings for a melodic approach.
in the late 90s, with the cleans’ drummer hamish kilgour now living stateside, the heavy eights became david kilgours main output, and each new recording further fleshed out kilgours voice as a solo song-writer. in particular, 2002’s excellent a feather in the engine (and the subsequent cracks in the sidewalk ep) hold their own, or even surpass each of the cleans’ later-era albums.
in 2001 kilgour received the new zealand order of merit for his ‘services to music’, having been a force in music since the late 1970s. in 2004 kilgour signed to ben howe’s arch hill label for the domestic release of his next album, forzen orange – to be released in september.
picks in bold

  • david [1989 cleano productions / alley oop fanzine AILEYOOP1]
  • ‘you forget’/’splash yr jewels’/’nothing (vol. 1)’ cassette and promotional 7″ single [1991 flying nun FN219]
  • here come the cars [1991 flying nun FN220 / FN487]
  • sugarmouth [1994 flying nun FN282 / FN488]
  • spiritual gas station 7″ / cd ep [1994 flying nun FN308]
  • first steps and false alarms [1995 ajax AJAX040-2] rn
  • david kilgour and the heavey eights [1997 flying nun FN397]
  • ‘the bootlegger’/’dirty hallway’/’down mekico’ 7″ lathe-cut single [self-released]
  • ‘way down’/’vernon’/’walking’ 7″ lathe-cut single [self-released]
  • ‘my sky’/’instrumental 1 + 2’ 7″ lathe-cut single [self-released]
  • ‘i lost my train’/’instrumental 2’ 7″ lathe-cut single [self-released]
  • ‘i caught you lookin’/’way down here’ 7″ lathe-cut single [self-released]
  • a feather in the engine [2002 arc life arclife016]
  • cracks in the sidewalk ep [2002 arc life arclife017]
  • frozen orange [2004 arch hill]
  • here come the cars reissue [2004 flying nun FN487]
  • sugarmouth reissue [2004 flying nun FN488]
  • the far now [2007 arch hill]

king biscuit

mark kington, stephen judd, stan jagger, paul oakley and paul tregilgas.
picks in bold

  • sun hits the moon [1995 hark HKC21]

kaosphere orchestra

13-piece experimental / free performing outfit with a past history of performing independent film accompliments. their performance is built upon timed cues and the implementation of various instruments, aiming to score each piece as a reaction to the visual material.
picks in bold

  • circus mutations cd-r [2003 maggottism international]
  • spliced device cd-r [2003 maggottism international]
  • cacophonic cd-r [2003 maggottism international]

kelcher, john

former bass-player for sneaky feelings, released an album under his own name in the early 90s.
picks in bold

  • personal disorganiser [1991 failsafe SAFE013]


k-group is paul toohey, previously of noted nz geological drone ensemble surface of the earth, who also has a solo album under this name on corpus hermeticum
bruce russell

toohey is also part of the new zealand guitar orchestra, a symphonic experimental orchestra.
picks in bold

  • ‘screen’/’cars’/’soft network’ [world resources]
  • k-group [corpus hermeticum HERMES023]
  • storage [2001 collaboration with omit fusetron]