Idle Star

a christchurch pub band, no less. their self-titled and self-released debut was a valiant attempt at some kind of credibility. maybe next time.
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The Idles

john fleury, ross mckenzie, james taylor, barry blackler and robin murphy.

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Idols of Eve

4-piece post-punk outfit from christchurch who have been active since the early 00s, based around diana mckay’s vocals and rythm guitar, with jason tamihana-bryce shimmering lead guitar having a big impact on their angular sound. though adrienne ross has been their drummer since year dot, they’ve cycled through a number of bass players, settling on myself, chris andrews in early 2003. 2003 was a productive year for the band, settling into a more regular gigging routine, along with studio time preparing the debut release.
in 2004, the band have reshaped again due to the departure of ross, now replaced by julie behind the thrown, though once again the band was to have problems with finding a steady drummer, as julie has now relocated to the west coast (though still holds the spot for now). in mid 2004, i released my own solo recordings as a million lights.
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  • no major releases as of yetrn

Ill Received

christchurch-based (formed, originally as puppetmunk in the mecca that is hanmer springs!) punk outfit who have played locally with the likes of molly says go and the long-standing rsi, comprised of bentos (vocals), tj (drums), ruben (bass / vocals), toby (guitar / vocals) and andy (vocals / guitar).
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  • 303 ep [2003 broken hill BHR-RL-004]


hamilton based rock band that put out their debut to pretty uniform acclaim, but soon disappeared from view.
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  • shiny [1996 independently release]

The Incisions


Nick ‘Harte’ Hodgson’s loud rock’n’roll outfit.

Started life as Tony Valens and the Incisions in the mid 90’s and were mostly concentrated on harsh primal dirges and noisy guitar flourishes – creating some absolutely brilliant sounds far outside the commercial scope of rock’n’roll.

Self-titled Lathe Cut

Band competitions, a short-lived lead singer and the rock’n’roll revival brought changes to their sound, reverting to a more pop (but still incredibly loud) rock format, but Nick was unhappy and soon the band was changing again.

The result was the manic Let Terror Rain – Nick’s first attempt at adding vocals to his old blend of sonic mayhem, and it worked.

Thick guitar-dirges and sound-checking The Velvet Underground was the order of the day, and it looked like the band was onto a promising direction before Hodgson split the band (and Christchurch) to seek his fame with Auckland-based popsters The Brunettes, eventually settling with his own new band The Shocking Pinks.

The Incisions template did resurface again in 2004 as Black Albino, however this seems to have been a short-lived reunion of sorts (the group featuring Hodgson on guitar and MacDonald on drums played a support slot for Die! Die! Die! at the Jetset Lounge).


  • Nick Hodgson (Guitar/Vocals/Drums, 199? – 200?)
  • Ben Johnstone (Bass/Vocals, 199? – 2003)
  • Brett Croft (Guitar, 199?)
  • Tim MacDonald (Drums, 199? – 200?)
  • Lynton Denovan (Drums, 200?)
  • George Gossett (Keyboards, 200?)
  • Karl Jensen (Bass/Vocals, 200?)


  • Tony Valens and the Incisions Lathe-Cut 7″ EP (High Tension House)
  • All the Greatest Hits of.. cassette (High Tension House, HTH015)
  • Tony Valens and the Incisions (2002, Kato, KCD3)
  • Let Terror Rain (2002, Kato, KCD005)