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Kris Wilson.

Discography (picks in bold)

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halftones, the

the solo recording alias of jane sinnott – former member of the magick heads, who released a lathe-cut single on dead dog records.
picks in bold

  • ‘my bird can sing’/’new flame’ 7″ lathe-cut single [dead dog records]


william stewart, francis salole, matthew campbell, cameron chittock, laurens van der ligen, liz thompson, tony green, scott wilkinson and greg bainbridge.
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  • psychodelicatessen ep [1986 south indies HAEMO111]


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  • halcion.25 lathe-cut 7″ ep [1989 ima hitt Hitt Me 14x]

henchmen, the

west auckland punks from the early 80s – tony collins, anthony norman, norm dillinger, jerry chunn and billy williams. stooges obsessed 20-somethings who evolved out of the equally primitive ‘dum dum boys’ and made sloppy punk-metal, later reissued by revivalist imprint raw power.
picks in bold

  • we’ve come to play [1983 cadaver PRA2040]
  • ‘death machine’/’bitch goddess’ 7″ single [1983 cadaver] rn
  • excelsior obermensch [1985 cadaver]
  • lust for glory [2004? raw power]


a shoot-off the the hugely popular head like a whole from nigel regan and tom watson (who has since gone on to front the now-melbourne based cassette. hemi put out a single album on wildside while hlah were at their peak.
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hellriegel, jan

after cassandra’s ears fizzled out, jan started recording solo with the mark and wayne bell, tony lumsden and mark peterson in support. having had moderate success as a relatively lively MOR singer in the fiona mcdonald mold (and using her good looks to her advantage), she’s now more likely to be found contribution to electronic releases, and has faded from the limelight in the 21st century.
picks in bold

  • it’s my sin [1992 virgin 9031777192]
  • all the best thoughts ep [1992 virgin 9031777202]
  • tremble [1995 virgin 4509995722]

awards etc
rianz awards 1992

  • most promising female vocalist of the year jan hellriegelrn
  • songwriter of the year jan hellriegelrn

hello sailor

the quintessential kiwi cock-rock band of the late 70s and early 80s (while dragon were spending most of their time causing trouble across the tasman). hello sailor were graham brazier and dave mcartney at the centre, with harry lyon, tony mcmaster, graeme turner, andy macdonald, lisle kinney, richy ball and phillip mills flowing in and out of the line-up over their susequent original and reunited line-ups (they reformed to great success in the mid 80s). this is brash, over-the-top indulgent pop, kiwi-style.
picks in bold

  • hello sailor [1977 key L35336]
  • pacific amour [1978 key MX316]
  • shipshape and bristol fashion [1986 zulu ZLP002]
  • last chance to dance [1991 w/ the dudes key D30560]
  • the album [1994 virgin 471 311-2]


picks in bold

  • hellbent ep [1989 ima hitt Hitt Me 19x]
  • hellbent live lathe-cut 10″ ep [ima hitt]

heazlewood [chris]

guitarist chris ‘ca$h guitar’ heazlewood is best known for his work in seminal auckland (by way of memphis, and a little southern california thrown in for good measure) scuzz-surf guitar demi-gods king loser, though he produced a couple of 7″s and a collected album of his solo material in the mid 90s – which is very worth getting hold of.
essentially a kiwi kid brought up on the likes of lee hazlewood, chris’ voice is down-trodden and dead-pan, and his guitar explosive in a kind of ultra-fuzzed and loose surf-guitar style. before king loser made their mark nationally, heazlewood developed an underground following with the eclectic sferic experiment, and also the short-lived olla.
picks in bold

  • ratfink a booboo! [1990 a one-off productions]
  • hellmouth 666 cassette [1991 xpressway X/WAY 23]
  • ‘surfs up in malibu’/’no fear of falling’/’skronk’ 7″ single [as heazlewood 1993 flying nun FN222] rn
  • ‘they slaughter small children, don’t they’ 7″ single [1993 turbine Tur004] rn
  • ‘badge or medallion?’/’speed’/’aero’ 7″ single [as heazlewood 1995 flying nun FN354] rn
  • the ron asheton club 7″ ep [1995 crawlspace SPACE003] rn
  • ca$h guitar [1996 flying nun FN398]

recommended songs
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  • surf’s up in maliburn
  • euro discorn
  • everything is forgottenrn