goblin mix

short-lived david mitchell 3 piece, and the last of his auckland bands. this is when he truely found his voice, with support from phil moore, andrew moon and (flying nun alumni) alf danielson, the goblin mix put out 2 eps in 1985 on


paul mclaney’s solo material, put together after the demise of the avalanche trio, and in a widely encompassing electronic form. generally pretty good stuff, and featuring contributions from vast amounts of talented kiwis. in 2004 a new gramsci line-up was announced for the release of their new album like stray voltage featuring david holmes, mareea paterson and jasper de roos, along with mclaney.
picks in bold

  • permanence [2001 machine recordings 99522]
  • object [2002 kog transmissions MACH003]
  • like stray voltage [2004 kog transmissions]

grammar boys, the

simon alexander, geoff martin, peter solomon and martin williams.
picks in bold

  • daring feats [1983 emi EMC197]